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He underpronates
'There's trunks and then there's trunks...
The green martini isn't helping either...
Button too high
So the SC and overcoat sleeves were done correctly and on time, nothing major to report there. I did take my raincoat later to be taken in. Paul looked at it and determined that both the side and back seams would have to be redone. The end result was good, you can't tell it was reworked, and once more it was on time.Price wise it didn't seem to me cheap, but I have no compaison point here.
Yup, OTC for dress, MC for casual. Not going back if I can help it.
Went to Alterations Paul today to have an overcoat and SC adjusted. Nothing major, I will report next week on the results. I also plan to have a rain coat taken in at the waist afterwards, let's see how it all goes.
I found a wool/cashmere, SB, 3/4 Jil Sander overcoat at the Manhattan C21 a couple of weeks ago. If you're not far you could look there...
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