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i have the ma-1 in charcoal size XS for sale if anyone is interested, pm for more info
trying something new~ thoughts? UC hm x mmm
EDIT: got my answer
haha yeah, i actually sold both the 46/48 at retail. i'm tiny and usually take 44 but i tried the 48 in the all white for ss13 and it fits pretty well, 46 would be better though
my store has a tan 5 zip for $500 in size 52 and 54 if anyone wants a proxy
you're welcome ^___^
wearing rick leather with common projects because yolo
i got chu bruh bruh
doesn't n(n) by number (n)ine use the same tags?
I was going to wear black derbies but I didn't really do anything other than errandswhat do you suggest though
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