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anyone here familiar with the N&F red stretch? I haven't been able to find a pair in person and some sites show it as a candy red and some show it as a wine red like the pomegranate dye, can anyone confirm?
They fit alright, not as slim as the madras I find. I like the Graham Oxfords from last, last season more though, but really, I'm not the biggest fan of button-down collars though.
The guide is amazing, great work and lots of thanks, man!
naked and famous seems to be pretty fair with the prices...for now.
anybody see the graham oxford on sale in canada yet?
I haven't worn every brand of t-shirts out there, but bang-for-buck I find Uniqlo's Premium Pima Cotton tees hard to beat.
Reflection of Jawnz
Leather and Love
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear Shit. Damn, don't want people creeping me! And how do you know I don't go to Laurier!?!? Oh shit, there's SFers from loo. I was beginning to think I was the only one.
könig ludwig weiss. I still can't find this good stuff anywhere around Toronto. Goddamnit.
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