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Also for me first order, 2 grenadine garza grossa (dark brown and royal blue)...one month wait!
I can advice you the Castel Romano outlet, just south of Roma, but if you want the very best prepare yourself for a 1.5hr trip north to The Mall, in Tuscany...
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons If Dolce & Gabbana "fits [you] perfectly" then why don't you stick to that? MTM at your price range in New York is really hit or miss. You would probably be better off finding something you like OTR (deeply discounted) and taking it to a competent tailor. Because Dolce&Gabbana doesn't make any double breast, and I really did not find many DB browsing around, let alone something slim... What price point do...
Hi guys! I was looking for a MTM suit in NY, double breast with european slim fit/cut style. Just as a reference, the brand I wear the most and that fits me perfectly is Dolce&Gabbana. Being an italian, I'm looking for a tailor able to do an italian cut....around $1000 Unfortunately I work in NY so I can't come back to Italy for the necessary time for a MTM suit.... I heard that MySuit is very cheap and Mr.Ned is american style. Any advice? Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Are the bottles/boxes dated? If not, how can you tell if the unopened box of cologne is fresh or stale? +1 By the way, just ordered the Millesime Imperial from Fragrancenet (with 15% coupon posted on website) and will report on quality....any tips on it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse I just placed an order for a bunch of colorful argyle socks from sockbroker.com. They were pretty affordable and they have a massive selection. Can't comment on the quality until I get the socks...hopefully by this weekend. Let us know how are those. When I'll be back in LA I'll check their retail store. One question comes to my mind....why here in the US everyone carry one-size socks? The factory need to...
I went to Uniqlo here in NYC, bought 4 pair of socks for 12$ of solid colors. But....no OTC socks, no Fil d'Escosse 100%, no Italian brands with different sizes....yet I miss Gallo!
Is there a possibility that ModernTailor gives us the correct website to track the shipment? I just entered the tracking number shown on their website (SKY In Transit) but nothing comes up on the HKDexpress nor on DHL website.
Quote: Originally Posted by xanatos How long does it take them to make the shirt? I ordered mine on Oct 26 and it's been processed on my cc card but my order is still under process.order. Taking forever. Hope it's worth the wait I ordered on Sun with expedite production and shipment, what about you? All regular or expedited?
Hi guys! I'm new here, I'm from Italy and I'm used to MTM shirts because of my very slim fit and height. In Roma or Napoli we are accustomed to 120-140 Euros shirts that last a long time and perfect style and fabric. I have been studying in LA for 1 year (big no-no for style and fashion) and now I'm in NYC for a month to look for a job. I need a tailor for this kind of shirt: White (good cotton fabric), cufflinks, very wide spread stiff collar Do you know...
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