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Sent you a PM
Hi, I'm looking to buy Nike Flyknit Trainers in either the white or black colourway. Size 9.5 or 10 will work. I am located in Canada. Please PM me with more info. Thanks.
I must admit it does not look as speckled as it does in the picture (not as obvious), however the speckles are present.
I've provided pictures of the top and the bottom of the suit, but yeah I suppose engineering firms don't care too much about what you wear.
I have a navy speckled tweed suit that fits me very well, however it may look a little too flashy or informal for an interview. I'm a second year university student in Computer Engineering, do you think this suit might be too informal for an engineering interview? I know the usual attire should be a navy suit, white shirt, plain tie, however I do not own a navy suit. I also don't have the money to buy/tailor one at the moment. What do you guys think? I can post pictures...
I'm an XS in uniqlo and AA and I'm interested in seeing anything you might want to get rid of in these sizes at reasonable prices. I am located in Canada. Thanks.
hey i'm looking to buy a toj1.5 or the toj winter varsity in size 44, 45, or 46 for reference i'm 5'7" and 125 lbs inbox me if you wanna sell yours, thanks
still for sale or?
looking to buy sz 27 APC PS located in Toronto, Canada pm me for more info
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