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Starting to look really good Synthese! How did you treat it? (sun to oil to wearing/beating it up ratio) Also, has it softened up much?To all the other VTG owners...did anyone use anything else besides Obenauf's leather oil and mink oil?
I have a med whiskey (italian) calf cm in a modified 44 thats a little too big for me. Looking to trade for a leather in sz. XS (16" shoulders, 17.75" - 18" chest, 19" front length, 21.5" - 22" back length) Styles I like are the cm, 4-zip moto and the bomber. Doubt anyone will have my size, but PM me if you're interested. Also willing to entertain offers.
Yes, though at over $1300, I doubt its better leather and quality than toj. The small rounded collars make it look like a simple hybrid between a dr and a cm. Sleeves are banded but nothing else. One piece back. So simple. So sick.
Awesome hybrid creation from apc:
Thanks! Your jacket looks sick!And don't even stress the fit. A slight alteration and your golden. Just don't take too much off man...if you do, the backside will hug your back and the sleeves might end up looking disproportionate to the rest of the jacket.Heres some down and dirty photoshoping. This is probably the tightest you would want on the back.This whiskey calf is fucking amazing. You really need to see and touch it in person to fully appreciate it. I don't think...
After almost 8 weeks my med whiskey cm has arrived!!! So fucking happy with it. I was a little concerned about sizing, but its fucking perfect! Not too tight and short, has room to layer (and gain weight) but doesn't fit like a fucking contractors bag. I also got the version with the fixed collar!...Drew, you are the fucking man! Heres a crappy self pic in front of the mirror. I also had my bro take a quick photo (as you can see I tried to match my dogs color)
Me too! Post pics when you get it
I'll be there. I just hope I get my whiskey cm by then...
Aww I just wish I could have done that before I placed my order! But thats awesome! Good to know for future orders...and yes, I most probably will be getting another TOJ piece, even though I haven't recieved my first one!
Whats the front length?
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