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Have any Canadians tried ordering from The Tie Bar? I really like what I see, but I'm worried about taxes, duty, and brokerage fees, since they ship with FedEx.
Quote: Originally Posted by jbharris88 You are a skinny dude and that tie is so big it is throwing off the proportions of everything! Also, it needs to be tight enough to close the gap at your neck. The shirt sleeves seem like the right length but you could benefit from taking inches off the bicep and the waist. Either pull your pants up or get some length off b/c they should not be pooling at the bottom. Also, buy a new belt and new shoes b/c they...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 You could get a better fit with an off-the-rack suit. There are a lot of slim options these days. More often then not, Indochina messes up the shoulders on its suits. They either extend past the person's shoulder bones or have some issue with construction. -Shoulders are wrong --- they extend past your own shoulders -There's too much material under the arms -Jacket length is too short in the back -Jacket waist is...
My first indochino suit arrived. Also got the shirts with it. Here are some pics, I would really appreciate any feedback on the modifications I need to make in order to get a better fit.
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