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Brand new EG Jersey Knit Navy size Large purchased from Notre Website in April this year. Tried on once but fit too big and just threw in the closet. Gotta get it out. S/S 2015 Version Brand New Size Large Navy Low priced to sell quick.
Tropical wool pants that you want to trade up or sell? Please hit me up.
Looking for 2015 Cinch Tropical Wool Pants 34! Hit me up guys!
Hey Guys, I have a BNWT Cotton Jersey Knit Jacket in Dark Navy (SS15) in a size Large. Looking into trading for a Medium or something else. http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-cotton-jersey-knit-jacket-in-dark-navy Shoot me a PM>
Shoot me a PM if you're interested in letting go any Tropical Wool pants in size 34 (summer thin).
Yea, def mainline. The Workaday T's (have white and grey from two years ago) have a different feel and fit.
I have the olive and navy color's from this year. Both have been wash in warm settings but no significant shrinkage. Both are 100% cotton. With sizing, I feel like if you can't fit in a medium in these tees, then the large will fit a bit loose (long back and sleeves needs to be rolled up).
Man, I just bought this literally a month ago from The Bureau. Took the tags off and put it on and don't want it anymore. Too baggy and the front pockets don't really fit me well. Should have returned. Will take a hit and let someone else enjoy them. Brand spanking new. Size 34. Spring/Summer 2015 model. This is exactly what I purchase (have receipt): https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/3290/khaki-65oz-flat-twill-fatigue-pant Measurements and details listed on...
35 degrees heat. I'm guessing from you asking that it won't be so cool in that heat. As long as the fabric is very thin it should be fine.
Hey, is the tropical wool fabric very thin? Is it wearable in the heat?
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