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Any poplin cotton material used for shorts/pants this year? I find that the high count twill cotton is a bit thick and attracts lint like crazy. Feedbacks?
SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Engineered Garments Pocket T-Shirt Olive Large Brand new shirt from 2015 S/S campaign. Not the workaday version but similar. Purchased from the Bureau online. EG released three colors (Navy, Olive, White) in a pocket version from this year. Great tees. Pics from my mobile. Terrible again. Also selling two EG pants and a Bedford Olive Large Ripstop 2015 S/S jacket. $35usd plus shipping
Engineered Garments 2012 S/S Fenway Pants Navy Pants 32 Worn these a handful of times. Spring/ Summer cotton that is very thin. Great for summer months. Some fades from wear. But in good condition overall. Again, taken with a mobile. Pics never do justice. Price negotiable
SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Engineered Garments 2014 USN Ripstop Pants Khaki Size 32 Worn a handful of times but in good condition. Selling as is. Photos are taking from a mobile. Terrible pics. I'm also selling other EG stuff. $90 plus shipping
SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Engineered Garments Bedford Ripstop Olive size Large for sale. Brand spanking new. Purchased from this past 2015 S/S from Nomad online. Worn once and threw in the closet. I buy EG stuff all the time and end up (70%) selling them off. Pics will be posted soon. Asking $250usd plus shipping
SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brand new EG Jersey Knit Navy size Large purchased from Notre Website in April this year. Tried on once but fit too big and just threw in the closet. Gotta get it out. S/S 2015 Version Brand New Size Large Navy Low priced to sell quick.
Tropical wool pants that you want to trade up or sell? Please hit me up.
Looking for 2015 Cinch Tropical Wool Pants 34! Hit me up guys!
Hey Guys, I have a BNWT Cotton Jersey Knit Jacket in Dark Navy (SS15) in a size Large. Looking into trading for a Medium or something else. Shoot me a PM>
Shoot me a PM if you're interested in letting go any Tropical Wool pants in size 34 (summer thin).
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