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Spoilers are not necessary. Why on earth would anybody click on this thread if they hadn't seen the movie yet once it has been released.HanSoloDies
www.reddit.com/r/battlestations is fun to read once in a while, but I still cringe at nerds (like me) calling their computers "battle stations." Fucking faggots.
The pub owner lady's eyeballs looked like two buttholes.
Started watching the new Netflix series To Make a Murderer. Pretty interdasting so far.
I thought it was pretty good but not nearly as much as the hype.
FINALLY you can add Starz to your amazon prime video subscription! I will finally be able to watch Ash vs Evil Dead legally.
I wonder how much of that bat suit is fake muscle....I know Ben beefed up for the role but damn. Batman looking thick. solid. tight.
The toys for that outfit were labeled "Knightmare Batman" at comic-con so it is most likely a nightmare dream sequence.
About 4 episodes in on Bosch. Liking it quite a bit so far. Watched the whole season of this. I really liked it. Ron Perlman was great.
Every show now has to have a gay plot line or the PC police will get mad. Can't get through any show without seeing two dudes kissing.
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