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Yep it leaked on reddit. Not sure if it's still up. Hard to really see much though since it's grainy footage. Hopefully they pull a WB and post it in its full HD glory.
No, those are antennae. Surprised nobody in here is talking about the Warcraft movie.
Arkham Knight and HOTS err day.
Can't stop watching the batman superman trailer. So good. I wonder what's up with trenchcoat batman in batghanistan vs superman soldiers with machine guns. Probably a nightmare or something bruce has that is part of him brooding and deciding that superman must be stopped or he will enslave the human race. Queue sweaty bruce wayne waking up in bed in a panic.
No, Taylor waking up in a dude's bed was the gay part. You must be confused.
Been playing Heroes of the Storm a lot. So fun.
Confirmed where?
Man to fit all of those story lines into dawn of justice, the movie has got to be approaching 3 hours. Talk about a lot of ground to cover.
I was expecting he was setting his friend up with the pictures of him doing coke to threaten to leak them to twist the rock into doing what he wants.
New Posts  All Forums: