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Settling on a new place on Monday. The place is near perfect but it doesn't have those neat soft-close cabinet and drawers in the kitchen. How hard are those to DIY and anyone got a link to get an idea of cost?
Glad to see Campbell and wife reconcile. To think I hated that little prick in the first season. His character really has grown on me.
DEM AUDIO BOOKS ON AUDIBLE. The narrator is so good. At 40+ hours per book if you have a commute they are worth it.
Fuck me. I was at the game last night. The energy was absolutely sucked out of the crowd as soon as the first goal in the opening minute. The last ten minutes of the game was the loudest I've ever heard Verizon Center. It was incredible. They came so close to tying it up but came up short. I am dreading and excited for game 7. I am really hoping they can pull it off. Growing up being a DC sports fan is agonizing.
Caps up 2-1.
I like the new Levi athletic fit jeans but wish they were tapered instead of straight leg.
Not like stoneheart has done anything in the books at all really anyways.
Is that what they have planned in the books supposedly?
No way they're dead.
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