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The thing that bugged me was how they seem to have unlimited ammo and anyone who owns guns and has bought in bulk knows how heavy ammo is. Lugging around thousands of rounds of ammo would be really heavy.
Mr. Robot
I wonder how many blacks are members of the oath keepers. They should show up and act civilized to set an example to the animals of ferguson.
People rioting in Ferguson aren't very smart. Shocking.
Was glad to see ginger kid was actually his.
It annoyed me that they assume people watching this show have never handled an urn with someone's ashes in it. In my experience the ashes in an urn after cremation are stored in a bag that would prevent spilling should the urn be dropped. *Takes off lefty hater hat*
Hey now 13 hours is not sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, horror.
The Mayor guy is always drunk off his ass. He plays a good lush.
I think that is why I was so lost when Colin and Mcadams (see I don't even know their character's names on the show) were piecing it all together in the hotel room.Also wtf was the hippie dad talking about? Running away in the woods? His dad was a harsh man? Did her grandpa molest her?
Was anybody else completely lost when they were discussing all the shit they were tying together in the hotel room? (colin and mcadams)
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