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Wife was out having a girls night so I got drunk with my dog and watched Escape Plan. It was everything I hoped and expected it would be.
Crusaders Colliseum was such a forgettable raid tier. I think we had US #2 perfect attempt for the fancy horses if I recall. Edit: it was #4
Aren't you slightly jealous of the people who never watched Lost and are able to marathon all of it on instant? All that agony waiting when it aired originally.
So good.
most shooters the campaign is an afterthought.
People who don't brush the snow off the top of their car and just rely on driving at highway speeds for it to blow off their roofs.
The team will be hunted in a game reserve by a shirtless putin on horseback. Jarude, been listening to Jamie Mclennan's audio book on audible when I lift. Pretty good stories from a career backup goalie. Some good Iginla and Kipper stories in there. I wouldn't say it's an amazing read, I am pretty sure the only people who would buy it and enjoy it are goalies.
All about hockey.
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