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My spoiler free thoughts: 1) Ben Affleck is great in this movie. He is an amazing Batman. Holy crap, awesome fights 2) The movie is a bit long. Definitely parts that could've been trimmed or eliminated IMHO 3) Loved the final battling sequence
That's the one I go to.
The tomato rating right now makes me sad. Still gonna see it at the Alamo Drafthouse tomorrow with some nice craft beer and nerd it up.
I am a batman fanboy. I loved the NOlan movies. Will I like it? I have tickets at 3:15 Friday.
Dat arrow through the eye was fucking awesome. Hated that dumb fat lesbian.
I'mso jelly. I'm seeing it Friday afternoon.
Finished House of Cards latest season. Man I was so pisses when I finished the last episode because I didn't realize it was the last episode of the season. Talk about cliffhanger. Also started Bosch Season 2, which I am really enjoying. Definitely suggest checking it out.
Got the Division for free when I built my new gaming PC. PLayed about an hour of it. It seems neat but not sure I can stomach another grindy game.
NO fucking way they can fire all those guns in such an enclosed indoor space and still have any hearing left.
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