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Dat feel when UPS shows my new goalie gear is out for delivery.
Quick playing like a beast last night.
But I wanted to see her ginger mint.
Yeah the whole "I need ghost" thing didn't really amount to much.
Installed the Yosemite developer beta on Saturday. Nothing terribly different in daily use yet other than the appearance. I haven't used much of the new stuff yet, won't be able to try the phone stuff until I put IOS8 on my phone but I am going to wait for a few versions before doing that.
How can they not even spend a few minutes in King's Landing after the previous episode's ending. FFS.
I don't get what's so hard about "use spoilers if you are talking about something from the books that hasn't happened in the show yet."
I think the public beta is only going to be for OS X not IOS. No new iPhone announced.
I was too young while Cherry was actually coaching. I figured he was just slowly going further off his rocker as he got older.
New Posts  All Forums: