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Why do you equate wanting to see authentic tits as "thinking they have a chance?"
Sites like those are illegal pretty much and I assume are stolen keys, though. I bet a lot of them get deactivated, or maybe not A LOT but some do. It's not a support retailer. Buyer beware!
Seems shady af. I just bought it from blizzard since i needed tracer in heroes of the storm early too. Feelsgoodman.
I spent most of the weekend playing the new Doom campaign. It is awesome, love the soundtrack too.Yup, dat overwatch is so good. Loved it.What?
It was blatantly obvious that it wasn't her. The face looked fake AF.
Holy shit this is hysterical.
I want to know what happened to Chuck's wife and I too hope he dies.
I started watching The People vs OJ Simpson on Playstation VUE. I am liking it so far. Fuck OJ. It's pretty interesting since I was a really young kid when the OJ trial went down. All I remember is being at the beach with my family in the rental we always went every summer that only had one TV, and me wanting to watch cartoons while they had the OJ trial on every day.
Doom open beta next weekend.
Stardew Valley is getting some good hype if you are into those sort of games.
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