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I started watching The People vs OJ Simpson on Playstation VUE. I am liking it so far. Fuck OJ. It's pretty interesting since I was a really young kid when the OJ trial went down. All I remember is being at the beach with my family in the rental we always went every summer that only had one TV, and me wanting to watch cartoons while they had the OJ trial on every day.
Doom open beta next weekend.
Stardew Valley is getting some good hype if you are into those sort of games.
Zombie Ninja? SPoilers man...
How exactly are they trying to sell that Carol shot those people?
HIt rank 1 in the heroes of the storm. Feelsgoodman.
\I didn't mean an excuse to have the bat voice, I mean a practical way for him to achieve the bat voice instead of the growl.
Yeah I forgot to mention I loved how [[SPOILER]] Also they could've [[SPOILER]]
My spoiler free thoughts: 1) Ben Affleck is great in this movie. He is an amazing Batman. Holy crap, awesome fights 2) The movie is a bit long. Definitely parts that could've been trimmed or eliminated IMHO 3) Loved the final battling sequence
That's the one I go to.
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