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I'd liek to bang harley quinn in the suicide squad movie.
He won it in a bet.
His blade is valyrian steel. The same kind of steel that Ned Stark had and Tywin had it melted into two for joffrey and jaime.
Still think darth maul character is stupid.
Cool fight scene. Now Jon knows his valyrian steel will kill a white walker. I forgot how they revealed that in the book.
Stupid argument TBH. How often do you go out and not have your phone on you? I don't think the watch is anything revolutionary, it's a "nice to have" not a "must have," but the argument that you need your phone when your phone is as important as your wallet these days is silly.
I'm liking mine so far.
Damn two game 7's. MY JIMMIES ARE READY.
Surprised nobody's posted batman on joker's purple car yet.
The suite that my team occupies at work is rather small and when someone microwaves food you can smell it easily. Some weirdo vegetarian here keeps microwaving his gross faux meat food and the shit smells like weird microwaved plastic.
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