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Yes. Spoilers should only be for books that haven't been touched on by the show yet (IMHO).Yeah, were all the big burly muscle men bathing in the river supposed to be unsullied too or were those the other guys? I was about to say no way you get that jacked without any balls.
And another year with no canadian cup winner.
Do you have movies and tv shows?
Yeah, I don't get how they can get a fresh start by promoting McPhee's crony. I really hope Mitch Korn comes along with Trotz to coach the goalies. Dude is a legend.
Was out of town on vacation since Friday. Wasn't able to see any games only checked the scores the next day. Jesus NYR are making it hard on themselves. King Henrik must've shit the bed last night.
I'm about 60% through clash of kngs now. Vagina baby has just been released under storms end. The term "boiled leather" sure does appear a lot in these books.
Times have changed, from this:
I thought it was HGH.
Dat bloated gut. So groce.
MUTO mouth was a staple remover.
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