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I feel like too many people have been made partner in Mad Men. It's almost as if it's not such a big deal.
Yeah it just sucks that it's such a high pressure position that can completely dictate the game's outcome. The only thing close is a Quarterback and even then a team with a great running game and well designed playbook can squeak out wins with a mediocre quarterback. So far the game hasn't unraveled so we'll see.
new piece of gear. Cool so far, a lot of stuff to learn though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
That's right, it was Catelyn's chapter. Haven't had a Brienne POV yet where I am in book #2.
I'd make a custom food in MFP with all the raw ingredients. Then when it's done weigh it so you can divide each serving equally. Even if each serving isn't exactly the same size, if you eat the whole thing over the course of a week and your MFP logs reflect the total, then the calories you consumed will be accurate for the week.
Rangers just got a free pass to the Cup.
Just got past the Renley death in book 2. No mention at all of vagina smoke baby (yet?).
Watched The Queen of Versailles on netflix. Talk about showing how bad some people can live in excess. Blech.
It's tough to get excited over the trailer. Hopefully it's another Nolan hit.
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