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[[SPOILER]] http://batman-news.com/2016/03/14/batman-v-superman-video-wb-korea/
NO fucking way they can fire all those guns in such an enclosed indoor space and still have any hearing left.
Shut the fuck up.
My jimmies are ready@!@!!
Nice anecdote.
Watched Ex Machina over the holiday. The protagonist ginger was such a beta white knight. Owned in the end.
Princess Leia has serious old lady weird voice now. I found it a little distracting how she talks.
Spoilers are not necessary. Why on earth would anybody click on this thread if they hadn't seen the movie yet once it has been released.HanSoloDies
www.reddit.com/r/battlestations is fun to read once in a while, but I still cringe at nerds (like me) calling their computers "battle stations." Fucking faggots.
The pub owner lady's eyeballs looked like two buttholes.
New Posts  All Forums: