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Best home remedy to get marks off wall from moving furniture etc outside of touchup paint? I hear magic eraser might work well.
Got epic bar sample pack. Basically dried meat block and not as much protein as quest and not as dericious. Will not buy again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Even though its lolcrossfit, Froning just got his major pay day. http://www.boxlifemagazine.com/community/rich-froning-signs-landmark-contract-with-reebok Regardless of crossfit being silly a lot of the time, this guy is impressive.
James Gunn on today's Carolla podcast.
Maybe say "I read on the internet that abs are made in the kitchen not the gym."
Was thinking of skipping my morning coffee, saw Jarude's avatar, decision reversed.
Cinnamon roll, white chocolate raspberry, apple pie.
Of course it's gonna be a fake.
But does Haggar even legs?
I read this thread to see GraphicNovelty muddy and shirtless.
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