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I think the public beta is only going to be for OS X not IOS. No new iPhone announced.
I was too young while Cherry was actually coaching. I figured he was just slowly going further off his rocker as he got older.
If they have Arya and the Hound walk off because her aunt is dead I will Also, I feel like they are making it hard to care about all this wildlings crap. It just doesn't feel like its a threat to worry about. Each attack seems like such a small tiny group of wildlings attacking defenseless people.
mmmmm hmmmmm.
Not much talk about lord friend zone mormont being sent away by Dany.
Are they fucking serious that Pierre Mcguire is being considered to be the Penguins GM? How can anybody take him seriously he is so freaking annoying. I just find him so grating, especially how he has to include a player's college team or home town constantly during announcing.
I'm just glad they finally are live streaming it online for once. About fucking time.
Missed almost all of last night's game due to my own beer league game. Kept skating to the glass in the second period during whistles to try to get a glance at the TV in the lobby but dat dere bad eyesight I couldn't see score. I'm glad Chicago is out. I didn't want to see them back in the cup a second year in a row.Hopefully Quick can tighten down. 4 goal games can't be a regular occurrence.
Yes. Spoilers should only be for books that haven't been touched on by the show yet (IMHO).Yeah, were all the big burly muscle men bathing in the river supposed to be unsullied too or were those the other guys? I was about to say no way you get that jacked without any balls.
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