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I was surprised that Saul made such an amateur mistake to go into that bathroom.
I hope Avengers 2 is good. I didn't like the first one all that much. It wasn't bad but I never saw it a second time.
I am liking Gotham but yea the Bruce Wayne stuff is forced. I have only seen one episode of the Flash so far but I really liked the pilot.
Ok if [[SPOILER]]
Just passed the part in book 5 where [[SPOILER]]
Who is the gigantic iron man robot?
Couldn't agree more. I was so leaving the theater.
The firework explosion was bad but other than that I liked it. The firing from the hip was dumb also.
I am not quite sure what the big deal is about the crazy black guy reappearing.
Stop being so gullible when women are trying to ignore you.
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