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Was thinking of skipping my morning coffee, saw Jarude's avatar, decision reversed.
Cinnamon roll, white chocolate raspberry, apple pie.
Of course it's gonna be a fake.
But does Haggar even legs?
I read this thread to see GraphicNovelty muddy and shirtless.
Didn't that show get cancelled?
As a hockey goalie I have to chuckle when people are getting excited over a soccer goalie making 16 saves in a game for a world record.
Yea hopefully Hiller sticks with Koho. Not sure if he will because it's a goalie monkey thing in SoCal and he goes into the store to take care of his orders.
“Signing long-term, expensive deals for vets is very risky.” – Ted Leonsis SMH
Bonobos Foundation suit in Navy, size is 42L. Pants were altered to fit about a 34 inch waist, typically inseam is around a 33. I can provide exact measurements as requested. Suit has only been worn 4-5 times. Actual photos coming this evening when I get home. Link to suit info: http://www.bonobos.com/navy-suits-for-men-foundation Will ship internationally assuming buyer pays shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: