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Reviews of the Independence Day sequel have been embargoed until the day of release, and most cities aren't being screened 'Resurgence' until the day of release... Uh oh.
Assassin's Creed movie looks pretty cool. I never played those games so I am not sure how closely it will stick to the story. An uncharted or Last of Us game could be great.
Saw Warcraft. As a fan of all the games I liked it a lot. Give it a B+. I can see how people who aren't Warcraft/Blizzard fan boys would dislike it or not understand it.
Oh the internet where people just say stuff without any supporting evidence.Blizzard's warden is really hard to defeat. Typically in their games like WoW, however, they wait and do massive ban waves rather than immediate bans. I suspect in Overwatch they will be a lot faster to hand out the bans they detect to preserve the integrity of their new IP. Mostly the WoW bans are related to bots farming which only impact the economy and doesn't give you an advantage in terms...
Apparently after week 1 Blizzard sold 7 million copies of Overwatch.
SJW's alert
Why do you equate wanting to see authentic tits as "thinking they have a chance?"
Sites like those are illegal pretty much and I assume are stolen keys, though. I bet a lot of them get deactivated, or maybe not A LOT but some do. It's not a support retailer. Buyer beware!
Seems shady af. I just bought it from blizzard since i needed tracer in heroes of the storm early too. Feelsgoodman.
I spent most of the weekend playing the new Doom campaign. It is awesome, love the soundtrack too.Yup, dat overwatch is so good. Loved it.What?
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