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I'm about 60% through clash of kngs now. Vagina baby has just been released under storms end. The term "boiled leather" sure does appear a lot in these books.
Times have changed, from this:
I thought it was HGH.
Dat bloated gut. So groce.
MUTO mouth was a staple remover.
Got a rumble roller today. Ouch.
Girl in the background needs some help CS.
It mostly works for him, but there are definite times he's been burned on easy ones because of his depth. Particularly when there's traffic where you just want to take up space and can't react to a puck because you can't see it. I'm sure when he gets older (and slower) he will have to change his game some.
Yeah his reflexes are insane to be able to play that close to the goal line.
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