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One can only hope there will finally be a good Alien video game.
So is destiny good?
My wife told me my 5.5" device is way too big.
A bunch of people on the mac rumors forums are reporting the phones are bending from being in their pants pocket for long periods of time. Wow.
6+ is definitely awkward to hold at first. Still getting used to it, I may return it for a 6. The thing is, if you typically hold the phone with the bottom sitting in your palm, it will be tricky to use that way because your thumb simply can't reach the top corners which a lot of apps rely on for things the "back arrow." Hopefluly apps will start to redesign to put things like that at the bottom of the screen.
6+ comes today. Apparently there are shortages for the 6+ and people are big $ for them. WTS white 64gb iPhone 6+ $2000 cash. PST.
Saw doc about back pain I have been having. Have minor scoliosis at base of my spine.
God I loved that show. So, so, so good.
Suggestion: we remove the word "movie" from the thread title.
People use Safari?
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