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Finished first episode of walking dead season 1 on iPad. Can't say I really get what the fuss is about yet. Not a whole lot of gameplay, lot of talking and making choices in conversations. Will keep pushing through since I purchased all 5 episodes and hope it gets better.
Anyone know if the reversible parka is still in any stores or is it long gone? (http://www.uniqlo.com/us/men/featured/sale/tops/men-reversible-parka-079668.html#)
Yup, lame.
Man, I was on vacation in Italy for ten days and for some reason I was under the impression the season started last night. All trip I was looking forward to getting home then watching Game of Thrones. Oh well just a few more days.
I freaking loved FFX. FFX-2 was like Charlie's angels.
Have done pretty much everything minus learn every lore and rage in ff6 on ipad. So good. Going on a 10 day trip to europe tonight and have all episodes of walking dead season 1 (telltale video game) loaded up on my iPad to play on the flights if I am awake. Hope it's good.
I'm going to be there 2 nights in Venice, 2 nights in Sienna, and 4 nights in Florence. The evenings in Florence will likely be occupied by having to do stuff with my wife's colleagues but the rest of the trip is open.
I am leaving for an Italy trip this evening and will be ending in Florence. Looking for some things to do....my wife has a work conference she is attending in Florence so I will be on my own during the day and trying to fill the time.
Thanks, I will find that...was on my phone and in a rush to get something out before leaving in a few hours.
I'm going to Italy tonight for ten days. The last leg of our trip is Florence for a work conference the wife is attending. Looking for suggestions on things to do solo during the day while she's attending lectures and such. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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