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Walgreen's always has it, and walmart.Does she go back door?
No big surprise Marc Andre Fleury didn't make it, but Mike Smith?
I just want to be able to play my ps3 discs in my ps4 so I can sell my ps3 or move it into another room. WTF.
Yea not to mention a conquest game takes forever and a deathmatch game can be pretty fast. I tried flying a helicopter for my first time in a conquest game and immediately crashed, lol.
Amazon Prime mother fucker, do you speak it?
I got a hearthstone invite, installed it, never played it. Been playing battlefield 4 online on ps4, shit is so fun. Game is buggy and randomly will lock up but it's seriously a ton of fun. I finished Zelda; A Link Between Worlds on 3DSXL and it was so glorious. Wish I could experience it fresh all over again. Will maybe attempt hero mode but not sure I'm up for the super hard mode.
Watched the first hour of it, realized it was a two hour premiere. I had to go play hockey. Will watch second half tomorrow. At first I was like "Ok Thomas is being a little fuckstick again" with the nanny. Was surprised at the quick turn. Busy bodies will surely get into things, though.
Fucking Holtby. My drunk facebook feed last night: Braden Holtby has allowed 5 goals on 10 shots Like · · Promote · Share Braden Holtby has allowed 4 goals on 8 shots. Like · · Promote · Share Braden Holtby has allowed 3 goals on 5 shots. Like · · Promote · Share Also lol at this fatty: Last night was second time Grabovski got his name spelled incorrectly on his jersey. WTF:...
Wife is out of town until tomorrow. Plz to suggest a movie I'll like but she wouldn't. Maybe I can rent Elysium. She isn't into sci-fi.
Really good game. My wife's family are big Mizzou fans so I'm watching. Back & forth.
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