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Yep, time for some new blood. HOpefully something will fucking turn around. I want to see the Caps back in the finals!
I want Boston to lose. Tired of seeing the same teams in the finals.
Just to confirm from earlier, this linked polo, if I am wearing the MB polos in a large comfortably would I want to size down to a medium for this?
how to size?
Dat beer league move. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/quicks-a-gambler-but-this-is-a-kings-issue/
So bummed to see Tampa get swept. If only Ben Bishop didn't get hurt, things could've been different. Also wtf Columbus, way to blow your first home game. I freaking hate the Penguins and want to see them lose. My olympic Bylsma rage is strong, as well as my Caps Crosby hatred.. I watched the first ten minutes of the Kings game last night before falling asleep hoping they would bounce back. Soft redirect goal in the first few minutes.....turned on NHL tonight this...
Every gym is different (some will put bench/strength days in) but without a doubt the guys who actually compete in those games are doing more than just one WOD a day. That's what the catch is with people who see crossfit and think "I want to look like Rich Froning" or whoever, there's no way the only training someone like him does are crossfit WOD's. Same with Shaun T the insanity guy, you won't get as big as he is doing just Insanity workouts .
Nitpick perhaps, but I thought Theon had his dick cut off not his balls.
Receding hairline crew checking in.
New Posts  All Forums: