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We did not see Stannis die, it was a stupid cut away and probably will be revealed that she didn't and instead it was the cliche chop the tree above his head and say a witty one liner.
No viewers of the show identify Stannis as "the best military tactician." You can't use the book to complain about the show, DUDE.
So they did kill Jon Snow. I said WTF out loud at the (implied) killing of Stannis by Brienne.
Ugh the scenes of him feeding izzard to himself are just gross. Ick.
Steam started offering full refunds w/o questions, which is great. I got a full refund for GTA and I bought it like 4 weeks ago because it ran like dogshit on my computer and I didn't find it fun anyways.
Do you guys think that jon snow will [[SPOILER]] this week?
Not to go all cranky old man in here, but the dragons skin is supposed to be impenetrable I thought.
Anyone watching this? It's pretty good so far. I'm not familiar with the source content.
I'm in the middle of Sanderson's reckoners book 2. It's pgood.
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