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Batman Arkham Knight comes out tomorrow and it is being done by Rocksteady it will most likely kick some serious ass.
Man seeing Colin's character downing that JW Blue in huge gulps made me feel a little queasy.
Watched the premiere, it was fucking awful. The Rock is the man but the rest of these guys are horrible. The dialogue when the generic redneck white guy confronted the professional athlete in a night club was so stupid.
I meant original platform release. STOP TROLLING ME BRO
They are not overrated, and FF6 also being awesome does not mean that FF7 was not equally awesome as well. Stop trying to sound unique, to do that you have to cite one of the games that wasn't released in NA bro!
Oh chicago won again. ZzZz
Never got into fallout. Someone aware me.
No talks of how lame the new mountain is?
Dat body double thigh gap.
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