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The episode is titled "The mountain and the viper." It's not a spoiler.
I assume since littlefinger revealed the necklace was made only a week or two before the death, they had more than one in order to use in the trial. It wasn't a truly unique one like the fool spun it to be.
So is theon being reek just a TV show thing?Good episode tonight.
About 1/4 through book 2 now. Confused, though. They are talking about Ramsay Snow having Reek, but in the book, Theon has only just arrived at his Father's and hasn't done any of the stuff that got him placed in Ramsay's grasp yet.
And now dem boards, and dem oral boards?
Here's to seeing Boston lose. Ideally I'd love to see a Minnestoa/Montreal or Minnesota/NYR Cup matchup but the chances of the Wild going all the way are slim. Also NYR seem to be about get eliminated. God damn Penguins. Also, this kinda had me WTF, his tenure in Phoenix was pretty shitty IIRC, but I was in hockey protest mode back then. http://nypost.com/2014/05/03/the-caps-may-be-a-good-fit-for-the-great-one/
That sounds miserable. If you are going to move in with your S.O you need at least two bathrooms.
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