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Ugh the scenes of him feeding izzard to himself are just gross. Ick.
Steam started offering full refunds w/o questions, which is great. I got a full refund for GTA and I bought it like 4 weeks ago because it ran like dogshit on my computer and I didn't find it fun anyways.
Do you guys think that jon snow will [[SPOILER]] this week?
Not to go all cranky old man in here, but the dragons skin is supposed to be impenetrable I thought.
Anyone watching this? It's pretty good so far. I'm not familiar with the source content.
I'm in the middle of Sanderson's reckoners book 2. It's pgood.
Bruce Jenner is a man. Chaz Bono is a woman. Bradley Manning is a man(ning).
I'd liek to bang harley quinn in the suicide squad movie.
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