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Just watched nightcrawler last night. It was very good. Jake G is great in it.
Yeah I was wondering what the payment model would be. So I guess the tale of project TItan being scrapped were all lies. Obviously this is what Tigole Bitties has been working on since he left the WoW team. The cinematic was very pixar.
Shitty episode. Someone from core group confronts band of people who believe they are just in doing things that are bad, m'kay. Rinse. Repeat.
Used Apple Pay at Harris Teeter yesterday. Was pretty neat. FWIW, you can use it anywhere there is an NFC reader, it doesn't have to be a retailer that officially supports Apple Pay.
Maybe, but I would think Marvel and DC are more akin to McDonalds and Burger King.
They had to cut the scene where Quinn rolled her in flour to find the wet spot.
I think the Batman films set me up to prefer a darker more serious tone for comic movies. The Marvel ones always feel too bright and fun. Although, when I type that out, it seems odd to be bugged by that when it's a movie based on comic books.
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