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....and Caps officially eliminated. Right in the feels.
Polo promotion but none are slim fit polos. Have they changed the fits from last year? Usually prefered a large slim vs a regular medium.
Evander Kane causing trouble. Big surprise.
Why did they change the actor for the guy who Daenerys will probably end up banging?
The way he killed the Asian lady was fucking gross and bullshit. How are we supposed to believe he assembled her in glass like that and was able to move it all in there unseen.
As a DC area resident for life, I am ready for the trend to continue where any big name who signs here will underperform, leave, then have an incredible run with his next team.
RE: the LP dealNo dice.
On that regard, is there a good source for finding backing tracks (drum bass) for existing songs you want to record yourself. I used to be able to find them like 15 years ago in MIDI and record my own covers of all my favorite songs. I don't mean generic drum tracks I mean like, say you want to record YYZ by Rush and want the drums and bass to record yourself playing guitar over.
Hearthstone on iPad is out today at some point in USA I'm guessing, it's already out in some regions.
Floyd Rose trem on a Gibson LP just looks strange.
New Posts  All Forums: