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I don't think anybody said the plot was unrealistic, just that the first episode mostly sucked. I'm going to watch again tonight hoping it's good because the trailers made me really want to see the show. I have not watched the Jack Black show, but heard it was bad. Anyone have recs on that?
So this is basically entourage with black people athletes. I'll watch a few more episodes since it's so short but it better stop sucking.
It's cool for Darling because he actually bailed his team out in the first round when Crawford was sucking ass.
I would like to tongue that dumper.
Christ there has been one episode. You must not recall that season 1 episode 1 wasn't all that fast to get into the good stuff either.
He was good in Lone Survivor.
Batman Arkham Knight comes out tomorrow and it is being done by Rocksteady it will most likely kick some serious ass.
Man seeing Colin's character downing that JW Blue in huge gulps made me feel a little queasy.
Watched the premiere, it was fucking awful. The Rock is the man but the rest of these guys are horrible. The dialogue when the generic redneck white guy confronted the professional athlete in a night club was so stupid.
I meant original platform release. STOP TROLLING ME BRO
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