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Too bad Jonathan Quick shit the bed last night. Great comeback by the Av's, and awesome to see a game go to Triple OT in game 1. This is what makes NHL playoffs awesome.
Roger is like Jesse in Breaking Bad right now, random people sleeping at his place. Just going home to sleep.
Got a blizzard heroes of the storm alpha invite.
Stamkos tried to pull his team through but no dice. Was rooting for them, hopefully Bishop returns soon.
Random health and injury thoughts checking in. Been having a nagging pain in my hip/hip flexor area. Pretty much any time I bend over I get a pain in my left side right around the very top of my hip flexor. Pretty much unable to squat and can't even leg press without aggravating it further. About a week ago I tried leaving squats out on leg day and just doing some leg press and that left me in a ton of pain for the next 8 hours or so.
I thought I read somewhere that he said he was going to stop acting after his game of thrones role was done....
Got a few of the closest to normal looking michael b polos. Even the less funky ones are still a little weird but the fit is nice.
Haven't seen much ESP love here but here's my eclipse.
Wonder what warrior's OHP was, he lifted Hogan in the Gorilla Press.
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