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To address your points 1) I am not sure what you are referring to in boardwalk as I lost interest in that show 2) Game of thrones was based off of books, Ned Stark's death was not a "shock value" thing. A huge part of the plot of the books kind of relies on him being killed in book 1. 3) We are all pretty sure he's not dead:
Will watch tonight. :popcorn:
No silly there was no 3rd person in their bedroom. Clearly she wanted him to put it in her pooper and he was being a pussy because it was icky.
I watched Interstellar on Saturday. It was good.
Ugh. If they are going to have him live, they should've used a 9mm. A shotgun blast survival seems really far fetched unless they are going to say it's bean bags or something. Oh well I will not whine and jump to any more conclusions. Sorry for being Lefty in the Walking Dead thread. Also, thoughts on Taylor's relationship with his mom. Seems like there was definitely some diddling going on there in his youth.
Wow, I did not see his character getting killed so early.
Started Arkham Knight on PS4. So good.
I don't think anybody said the plot was unrealistic, just that the first episode mostly sucked. I'm going to watch again tonight hoping it's good because the trailers made me really want to see the show. I have not watched the Jack Black show, but heard it was bad. Anyone have recs on that?
How about they mandate conceal carry weapons permit reciprocity in all states and DC. Having to leave my gun at home if I go to MD or DC sucks.
The biggest winners today are divorce attorneys.
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