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Started watching arrow on netflix. Man some serious bro envy looking at the main character. Dude is seriously fit.
Was at the Caps/Bruins game last night. Another Holtby shutout.
The intro with the women in the mink coats.
Thanks for this. I watched it tonight and really enjoyed it.
Do you people not remember that Breaking Bad started out slow too? A lot of shows need to do a build up to introduce you to characters situation, etc. First 2-3 episodes of Breaking Bad I was about to give up then shit got real!
Definitely agree on the courtroom scene with the shitty people. Also the stacks of boxes and the disgustingly fat police officer. Nice way to end the episode with tuco. TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT
American Sniper. Was. So. Good.
Winter Classic tickets arrived
I finally got around to watching the final netflix season. WOW. I am so sad this series ended. The final season was REALLY great. Gut wrenching ending.
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