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I loved dem teddies but it was a completely pointless scene. They could've eliminated it entirely and used that time for something actually useful.
You're doing it wrong. The only reason to play the solo adventure is to get the cards to build decks (aka once) or if you want to challenge yourself a lot do it on heroic.The fun is playing against humans.
wtf 5 goals each. WHy couldn't the caps put 5 past hank.
Back on dat hearthstone grind. Fun again. WoW expansion got boring as expected.
The PC police are really fucking ridiculous these days. I'm so sick of people needing something to be outraged about. FFS.
I guess that answers the question on whether or not they would have a parallel scene for when reek gets to prep fake arya for ramsay.
What are you trying to say? All blacks look alike? You racist!
That wasn't adebisi.
Mad Max was awesome but Max did nothing in the movie. He wasn't even the main focus.
I saw Mad Max today. It shouldn't have even been called Mad Max, he basically didn't nothing int he movie and was just an accessory to Charlize Theron and the hot bishes. Still an awesome movie, though.
New Posts  All Forums: