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God damn, I went to bed when it was 4-2 Dallas. Thought they had it in the bag to force 7, wake up to see on NHL tonight they pulled out a win to send Dallas packing. Assuming Boudreau sticks with Hiller from here on out....but who knows.
That last game wasn't really his fault though. But yes, miller today isn't the same miller from the 2010 Olympics. He is solid but not a cup winner.
Terrible, terrible ending by St Louis. Seriously, wtf? Dallas/Anaheim game is off to a surprising start. This will be definitely going to seven games. Poor Boudreau. Can't stick with a goalie. The rookie on a small hot streak reminds me of Varlamov in Washington a few years back in the PLayoffs.
I don't know why anybody bothers with "mockups" for phone predictions.
Terrible breakaway to allow. Miller didn't have time to get set and was still telescoping out when Toews entered the zone. He had no chance to get the speed he needed to match him.
Yep, time for some new blood. HOpefully something will fucking turn around. I want to see the Caps back in the finals!
I want Boston to lose. Tired of seeing the same teams in the finals.
Just to confirm from earlier, this linked polo, if I am wearing the MB polos in a large comfortably would I want to size down to a medium for this?
how to size?
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