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MUTO mouth was a staple remover.
Got a rumble roller today. Ouch.
Girl in the background needs some help CS.
It mostly works for him, but there are definite times he's been burned on easy ones because of his depth. Particularly when there's traffic where you just want to take up space and can't react to a puck because you can't see it. I'm sure when he gets older (and slower) he will have to change his game some.
Yeah his reflexes are insane to be able to play that close to the goal line.
I feel like too many people have been made partner in Mad Men. It's almost as if it's not such a big deal.
Yeah it just sucks that it's such a high pressure position that can completely dictate the game's outcome. The only thing close is a Quarterback and even then a team with a great running game and well designed playbook can squeak out wins with a mediocre quarterback. So far the game hasn't unraveled so we'll see.
new piece of gear. Cool so far, a lot of stuff to learn though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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