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The Mayor guy is always drunk off his ass. He plays a good lush.
I think that is why I was so lost when Colin and Mcadams (see I don't even know their character's names on the show) were piecing it all together in the hotel room.Also wtf was the hippie dad talking about? Running away in the woods? His dad was a harsh man? Did her grandpa molest her?
Was anybody else completely lost when they were discussing all the shit they were tying together in the hotel room? (colin and mcadams)
R.I.P riggins
I have to watch this show sober. Every time I have been drinking alone watching it and Colin farrel goes on a self destructive rampage I feel so guilty.
Yep it leaked on reddit. Not sure if it's still up. Hard to really see much though since it's grainy footage. Hopefully they pull a WB and post it in its full HD glory.
No, those are antennae. Surprised nobody in here is talking about the Warcraft movie.
Arkham Knight and HOTS err day.
Can't stop watching the batman superman trailer. So good. I wonder what's up with trenchcoat batman in batghanistan vs superman soldiers with machine guns. Probably a nightmare or something bruce has that is part of him brooding and deciding that superman must be stopped or he will enslave the human race. Queue sweaty bruce wayne waking up in bed in a panic.
New Posts  All Forums: