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The NHL awards, so awkward. Seeing this white dude sing his Kings song out of key and rapping like he's Jamaican was just uncomfortable. Feels like the NHL is trying to be something it's not.
Been playing a little bit of bravely default on my 3DS. Pretty good but the dialogue is kind of annoying, seems to take up a lot of time for every conversation they jam in there.
Doesn't look too bad, hopefully it is good.
Just passed where dany gets the unsullied in book 3. So good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Reading book 3 now, Dany just got help from her maid in getting off when she was diddling herself in bed.
It's ok you'll be getting those big bonuses twice a year being an army doc.
[[SPOILER]] Feeling like a little kid all excited I got a full setup matching my beer league team, rofl. My wife doesn't get it. At least I slightly bend the truth when she asks how much it all costs.My man cave consists of goalie gear, video games, and guitars.
Dat feel when UPS shows my new goalie gear is out for delivery.
Quick playing like a beast last night.
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