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Man to fit all of those story lines into dawn of justice, the movie has got to be approaching 3 hours. Talk about a lot of ground to cover.
I was expecting he was setting his friend up with the pictures of him doing coke to threaten to leak them to twist the rock into doing what he wants.
God the female ghostbusters movie is going to be so shitty.
I was hoping they skipped that boring plotline from the books.
Jamarcus? I wish I could look like the rock in that sweater. Such a beast.
Richards got his contract terminated. Rumor is it was something at the border crossing. Can't wait to find out the details on this one.
To address your points 1) I am not sure what you are referring to in boardwalk as I lost interest in that show 2) Game of thrones was based off of books, Ned Stark's death was not a "shock value" thing. A huge part of the plot of the books kind of relies on him being killed in book 1. 3) We are all pretty sure he's not dead:
Will watch tonight. :popcorn:
No silly there was no 3rd person in their bedroom. Clearly she wanted him to put it in her pooper and he was being a pussy because it was icky.
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