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I saw "Why Him" last night. It wasn't very good.
Watched Creed and Hell or High Water. LIked both a lot. Creed surprised me, it was very well done. I went in expecting a kind of 80's rocky Stallone nostalgic experience but it was not overly "Rocky," if that makes sense. Michael Jordan was really good.
This guy is just an internet douche deciding between two movies that are both going to be awful - passengers and assassin's creed seem to be both steaming turds.Fuck EPB.
Alien Covenant better be fucking awesome. I am so ready.
Nothing about the Alien: Covenant teaser pics?
Are the blind asian guy and the fat asian guy supposed to be teh gay?
I loved this movie and was really happy to hear a sequel is being made.
What door?
Man this movie was really fantastic. It could be considered a bit slow for low attention span Marvel Movie people once the full plot was revealed holy crap I loved it. HIGHLY recommended.
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