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SJW's are made about killing joke so I will definitely be paying to watch it once it comes out.
Did you even read anything about the system? They aren't going to sell any additional titles to load onto it.
Why does King Arthur have a hipster bro shave hair cut?
HOly crap the wonder woman and justice league trailers! My jimmies were not ready.
So what will prevail when Wonder Woman comes out? SJW's a la Ghostbusters or Marvel Fanboys refusing to acknowledge a DC movie possibly being good?
Snowden is a fuckwad and that shitty movie is not a super hero comic book movie. Fuck him and Oliver Stone.
I am on episode 4 of stranger things now. Loving it.
Nice to see that fossil lefty is still signing his posts as if he's writing a letter. I bet he double clicks website links too.
Is there a medical explanation for the "I have been stabbed once and can now only crawl very slowly on my belly" plot device that every tv show and movie uses to cause tension?
Finished bloodline season 2 last night. OhMyDog. Dat ending.
New Posts  All Forums: