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Given Keanu actually knows how to operate a firearm, I'm surprised he has his finger on the trigger on that picture.
The armor abs make no thenth.
Stop signing your posts. You aren't writing a letter. Lefty
Yeah the big reveal last week was all sorts of wtf.
The feels
Prince Malchezar dropped a spell caster dagger I wanted on my mage forever and could never get. I raided the shit out of Karazhan many nights wasted with my guildies up until BC ended pretty much. So many alts.
I saw Suicide Squad yesterday. I really hoped the critics would be wrong and I'd like it. I am a DC fan boy and I thought the movie was shitty. What a heap of crap.
So you care that they are diversifying?
I watched one episode of Jessica Jones over the weekend. I like it and am going to continue. Is Luke Cage the black dude she fucked from the bar?
I gave up on hearthstone around the Grim Patron craze. Too fucking frustrating.
New Posts  All Forums: