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About 4 episodes in on Bosch. Liking it quite a bit so far. Watched the whole season of this. I really liked it. Ron Perlman was great.
Every show now has to have a gay plot line or the PC police will get mad. Can't get through any show without seeing two dudes kissing.
My nerdgasm at the Blizzcon opening ceremony. So much awesome stuff. I will be seeing this movie with all my nerd guy friends. You know the wives and girlfriends won't want to see this one.
As a cord cutter, I'm really sad that there isn't any way to legally watch this show. I really want to see it.
The thing that bugged me was how they seem to have unlimited ammo and anyone who owns guns and has bought in bulk knows how heavy ammo is. Lugging around thousands of rounds of ammo would be really heavy.
Mr. Robot
Was glad to see ginger kid was actually his.
It annoyed me that they assume people watching this show have never handled an urn with someone's ashes in it. In my experience the ashes in an urn after cremation are stored in a bag that would prevent spilling should the urn be dropped. *Takes off lefty hater hat*
Hey now 13 hours is not sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, horror.
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