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I loved this movie and was really happy to hear a sequel is being made.
The temper tantrums are so good. /popcorn
What door?
Rich blue collar?
The liberal BabyRage is hilarious. So many temper tantrums about making America great again.
Man this movie was really fantastic. It could be considered a bit slow for low attention span Marvel Movie people once the full plot was revealed holy crap I loved it. HIGHLY recommended.
Teger is such a baby raging salty bitch. Love it.
The man just won the election and you still think just bots up vote posts in T_D?
I've only seen the pig fucking episode which I thought was pretty shitty. Does it get better?
Has anyone been to the Tysons Corner Uniqlo yet? I haven't been yet but I was wondering how it compared to the Chicago and NYC locations with regards to inventory size and variety.
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