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I never knew Jeffrey Dean Morgan was so scrawny. Dude has the legs of a 12 year old boy looking like he came straight out of SW&D WAYWT thread. He looks kind of big in Watchmen so he either always skips leg day or turned into a puss.
He strikes me as a guy who could totally pull a stallone and look amazing into his 70s.
DC folks, Uniqlo is opening in Tysons Corner this month.
WTF? Using that logic you think Jessica Jones is better than Daredevil?
Given Keanu actually knows how to operate a firearm, I'm surprised he has his finger on the trigger on that picture.
The armor abs make no thenth.
Stop signing your posts. You aren't writing a letter. Lefty
Yeah the big reveal last week was all sorts of wtf.
The feels
Prince Malchezar dropped a spell caster dagger I wanted on my mage forever and could never get. I raided the shit out of Karazhan many nights wasted with my guildies up until BC ended pretty much. So many alts.
New Posts  All Forums: