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It is good I play at least 1-2 times while pooping at work every day.
So will [[SPOILER]]
GOD DAMN IT. My PS4 froze then when i got game center back up caps were down 2-1. MY JIMMIES ARE RUSTLED.
So GF whats the verdict on being able to glance at your wrist casually without raising it up to look at it? I heard that was an inconvenience.
That's his robot batman voice.
If you want some hilarious entertainment go to the mac rumors forums watch section. Little crybabies stomping their feet they stayed awake until 3am to preorder and aren't getting their watch today.
I have momentary thoughts of trying to drive up there and go, but then I remind myself of the treatment I'd likely receive for wearing red in that building.
I was at last night's game. Talk about a good old fashioned ass whoopin.
Going to the Caps game tonight. So pumped.
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