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Good morning, unfortunately I ordered the wrong size (XL) of the well-known Barbour Liddesdale Quilted Jacket in Navy Blue. Does anybody want to trade it for a size Large model or even buy it, before I return it to the seller?
It's sunday: New Price 240$ (shipping included worldwide). I can't go any lower, but offers are still welcome.
Hello and good evening from Austria. I recently got this nice suit, but it doesn't fit me very well. So I wanted to give you the opportunity to get this really beautiful Corneliani suit. Please have a close look at the pictures, the suit has a really nice structure, as you can see. Made in Italy. I really like the quality Corneliani offers, although the price isn't that high. Jacket: 22" armpit to armpit 17" armpit to end of cuff 25" shoulder to end of cuff 18" shoulder...
Order of Saint Lazare?
I tried to provide a tutorial, just click on the spoiler [[SPOILER]]
The suit arrived today. Unfortunately it is far too tight on my thighs. The shoulders, the arms, the chest, the belly: everything alright, but not on the thighs
I'd love to participate but I only have cheap (but good looking^^) or ugly (but expensive xD) ties
More than you can ever sh*t!
First of all, I want to say, that you're on a good way - but I want to give you some easy and cheap advises:- You will need a white shirt. Go for it! You need it anyways so buy one and wear it with this suit.- You will need a white pocket square. It's also a must have. Linen or silk. I think that a dark blue PS is too dark for this suit.- You will need black shoes. The third must have. Go for plain cap-toe oxfords in black. It's not totally wrong, but I don't like the...
Toilet paper.
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