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Any release date for the "new" lounge pants? Still excited for those
Oh man, I have made a huge mistake.I didn't realize the measurements for the lounge pant were up on the site, for some reason the pictures on the website makes the leg opening look large (RKD's pics looked slim but I wasn't sure). In hindsight I could've just asked too, thanks for the response. Well, now I regret. If anyone's looking to sell a size 33 or Mauro if you have a hidden stash let me know!
Clarifying, I was on the fence because the hem looked slightly too wide for me, I like the tapered look. I was gonna wait to see some more fit pics but it looks like my size sold out pretty quick so there's that too.Am definitely going to get the speckled version when it drops.
Dang, I'm on the fence about these lounge pants too. Definitely gonna cop the "new" sample version when that's released though (any dates / pre-order?), really liking the speckled look and the hem.
I was wondering about my floral / summer berry shirts. I got an email about a shipment but the address was wrong, and in the end the tracking says it hasn't actually shipped yet (this was a week and a half ago). Are all the summer pre-orders supposed to be shipped?
Anything left in the sample sale? I didn't see any pics / selections for the sweaters
I have an AD size small sno-cone that I love but it seems just a bit small for me. If anyone has it in BD size medium/large or AD size medium for trades or purchase, let me know (or if anyone would like to purchase an AD size small).
What is this navy bd with baby white dots?
Have the indigo dots gone out yet? I still haven't received mine and am changing addresses today, will need to get that shipping changed if they haven't gone out yet.
Still got time on the pre-order form / poll right (until saturday)? I was hoping for the indigo dots shirt to arrive by the end of the week, so it could help me decide between button down collar or spread collar.
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