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I'm looking to buy some Red wing 2268's whenever I can find a damn pair at a decent price but I need some help on sizing I've check quite a few references but could use some feedback from somebody that actually OWNS a pair of these. My size is 8.5 in NB Thanks
The Sebago Hamilton boot might go with the casual attire. I cannot speak on quality wise though because I have never bought anything from that company. If I were you I would go with the desert boot rather than loafers. I own 2 pairs couldn't be happier with them.
Earthkeepers are def more stylish but if your looking for reliability I'd go with the ll bean's.
Need help can't decide on what color I want for casual every day use... 1. Brown suede 2. Black suede 3. Black leather 4. Beeswax leather 5. Oakwood suede I'm thinking brown suede or the black leather. Anyone got any CC on the choices? //dm
any one actually pick up a pair of the black leather ones yet?
Anyone ID this jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by YuppieSkuppie My Vibergs after a few months use. This is after giving them some love, but they need a whole lot more polishing. Do you have model number for these boots I would like to pick up a pair if they are still available.
Need info on these riding boots please. (00:15/00:16)
Since alexlude isn't answering any pms i sent him I guess ill have to ask here but can anyone ID this shoe?
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