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Sam--You've been off for a brief period but you'll get back into shape soon. Lots of time between now and Patriot's Day, especially in primo Newport Beach training conditions. Six miles in 43 degrees and driving rain this morning. Only time I wear earbuds is when I'm rowing for 10 minutes during Y strength sessions and I prefer to hear jazz or news on NPR instead of my huffing and puffing.
Ten miles in SHORTS on December 13th, including a couple of tempo miles at 90% effort.
I've seen this exact suit. Details, fabric and craft are amazing. Great deal, and seller.
Five miles and a strength workout at the Y. This time of year I enjoy running for fun. Training starts in earnest in a few weeks.
12 miles in the sunshine.
Five good miles and strength workout at the Y, rebounding from yesterday's 14 miler.
Couldn't imagine darkening that striking natural coloured Goyser stitching...
6 miles this morning, including fartleks. Felt good to run hard again for the first time in a while. Nice job scoring the Puma's, Sam. Myles, hat's off to you for the 60K in Central Park.
I've read claims that the wool doesn't get as funky as synthetics. What's your experience? I think it takes a nicer crease... 7 miles this morning.
6 miles this morning in 52 degrees, in shorts, on Dec.4.
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