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Couldn't imagine darkening that striking natural coloured Goyser stitching...
6 miles this morning, including fartleks. Felt good to run hard again for the first time in a while. Nice job scoring the Puma's, Sam. Myles, hat's off to you for the 60K in Central Park.
I've read claims that the wool doesn't get as funky as synthetics. What's your experience? I think it takes a nicer crease... 7 miles this morning.
6 miles this morning in 52 degrees, in shorts, on Dec.4.
Eight miles, four of them in the rain.
Six miles under sunny calm skies.
Eight miles this morning in calm 34 degrees, under hazy sun that's nearly as low in the sky as it'll get before the Equinox in 3 weeks..
10mi in shorts on a rainy 43 degree day.
jwied--Nice job on the 10-miler. 10mi yesterday and a strength workout at the Y. 8mi this morning past tailgaters prepping for the NU-Michigan State game with beer and such at 0830.
Anti--Two a days are a great way to manage schedule and get essentially the same training benefit. I've done a lot of 'em. 8 miles this morning, and resumed strength workouts at the Y. Have a great holiday, everyone.
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