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1 mile warm up, ten repeats of a steep 1/3 mile bluff on the shore of Lake Michigan at 90-95% effort, then 1 mile cool down. Tomorrow, an easy 5 miles in Santa hat and jingle bells to see how many smiles we can get. Happy Holidays, gents.
Six miles and a strength workout at the Y. SF item: I run wearing my Santa cap this week.
Really nice HSM for $200. Where's my suit stretcher to make it a 42L?
Eight strong miles in shorts, and a strength workout at the Y. Calm, mild 43 degrees and humidity reminded me of running in Stuttgart a few years back.
Six miles during a cut back week. First hill repeats comin' up in a few days.
Zowie. Gorgeous suit. Talk about detailing. Even... the... lapel... buttonhole... is... basted.
Rabbit--Funny, I do the same thing. Stride analysis on the return trip. 4 miles this morning after a few hours of work on a Sunday morning, and a strength workout at the Y.
Rabbit--Sure thing! I'm in Evanston, also nicknamed Heavenston (high church-to-resident ratio). 14 miles this morning in a beautiful light snowfall.
Lightweight tights. Wore 'em this morning. Ice Joggers. Don't need 'em in Chicago area...yet. heh, heh. 6 miles this morning, including a couple of tempo miles at 90% effort to blow soot out of the cylinders.
Six miles in shorts (51 degrees on Dec. 15) including one tempo mile at 90% effort, and a strength workout at the Y.
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