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Nine miles including 12 steep hill repeats at 95% effort. Best wishes to everyone for safe and healthy running in 2012.
Six miles in the rain and a strength workout at the Y.
Six miles in Ice Joggers this morning. Black ice everywhere. Sam, here's your opportunity to start preparing for Buenos Aires marathon TV coverage: "Mi nombre es Sergio, y yo soy un Americano que corre con con velocidad y estilo."
10 miles this morning and a strength workout at the Y. Sam--Wow, Buenos Aires! I ran the Grachtenloop 10-mile in Amsterdam a few years back and local TV station reporter grabbed me afterward because he knew I had traveled the greatest distance among all the participants. At the end of the interview he ripped through a line of Dutch (which I don't speak) and asked me to repeat it. After hammering a 10-mile race, I tried my best. After my fourth try he said thanks and left...
14 miles this morning. Now I get to apply my graduate learning to try and figure our how to operate this Polar heart monitor..
Sam--Sorry to hear about the layoff. As I've told more than one runner I've coached, there are lots of races but you only have one body. Fortunately you'll bounce back in a few weeks. Five easy miles this morning recovering from yesterday's hill repeats. Wore a string of ten jingle bells in addition to Santa hat and got lots of smiles and "Merry Christmas" wishes from those we passed. Realized bells' additional benefit as a training aid during the run: I got much better...
1 mile warm up, ten repeats of a steep 1/3 mile bluff on the shore of Lake Michigan at 90-95% effort, then 1 mile cool down. Tomorrow, an easy 5 miles in Santa hat and jingle bells to see how many smiles we can get. Happy Holidays, gents.
Six miles and a strength workout at the Y. SF item: I run wearing my Santa cap this week.
Really nice HSM for $200. Where's my suit stretcher to make it a 42L?
Eight strong miles in shorts, and a strength workout at the Y. Calm, mild 43 degrees and humidity reminded me of running in Stuttgart a few years back.
New Posts  All Forums: