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Which of the photos is truest to the jacket's actual color, please? Is it a 1-, 2-, 3- season weight fabric?
5 miles this morning, 5miles this afternoon in 50 degrees and shorts. My coach (sports medicine MD and all-around wizard) says that shoe manufacturing quality has been a problem in recent years. Hard to know, unless one does a shoe autopsy.
PM sent on Trafalgar burgundy paisley.
8 yesterday. 10 this morning and 5 this afternoon with a strength session at the Y. Sunny and 40.
Just received the "Dk Burgundy or Berry Lightweight Merino. Nice condition. $30." Fine quality, value, and seller.
Seven miles in 40-degree Phoenix before flying back to Chicago.
Seven miles this morning recovering from yesterday's tempo workout. Mighty comfy for January runs in Phoenix. Bwonger, you've got some nice conditions here. We fly back tomorrow to the Land of Ice Joggers.
11mi, including 8 x 1mi at 90-95% in shorts along the canal in Phoenix. Here on a long weekend vacation and missed the winter storm back in Chicago.
Thomas--Great job with the PR in spite of difficulties.The marathon is a stern teacher, but fortunately one we can learn from. Six miles in rain and snow, and a strength workout at the Y.
8mi this morning including 14 steep 1/3mi hill repeats with a headlamp in the dark, in order to get to the airport in time for a morning flight.
New Posts  All Forums: