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Seven miles this morning recovering from yesterday's tempo workout. Mighty comfy for January runs in Phoenix. Bwonger, you've got some nice conditions here. We fly back tomorrow to the Land of Ice Joggers.
11mi, including 8 x 1mi at 90-95% in shorts along the canal in Phoenix. Here on a long weekend vacation and missed the winter storm back in Chicago.
Thomas--Great job with the PR in spite of difficulties.The marathon is a stern teacher, but fortunately one we can learn from. Six miles in rain and snow, and a strength workout at the Y.
8mi this morning including 14 steep 1/3mi hill repeats with a headlamp in the dark, in order to get to the airport in time for a morning flight.
Thomas--First few taper periods are odd. Then the sensation gets more familiar. AND you get your life back for a few weeks. Ocelot--You go, man! Staying consistent will enable your body to make changes it needs. Sam--Don't forget Boston is a tougher course and will add a few minutes to your time. 7mi this morning and 7mi this afternoon in Arlington, VA as I try to work out the kinks from the 14+ hour flight back on Monday.
Yup, great to see new members posting on their running exploits! No email access over the weekend, in Macau. On Saturday did 7mi including 3 x 1mi at 90% effort, and Sunday 10mi including 7 x 1mi @ 90% effort. This morning 7mi (feeling kinda stiff for the first 3 miles following the 14hr+ return flight Monday. This afternoon 5mi and a strength session at the Y.
Ten miles this morning and a strength workout at the Y. Biking 16 miles this afternoon to make up for the 8 miles of running I missed yesterday courtesy of long work day.
Nice work, Thomas. Now that you've made the investment, you get to rest and recover before the big event. Fourteen miles on a pretty windy 23-degree day.
Nine miles including 12 steep hill repeats at 95% effort. Best wishes to everyone for safe and healthy running in 2012.
Six miles in the rain and a strength workout at the Y.
New Posts  All Forums: