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Thomas--Great job with the PR in spite of difficulties.The marathon is a stern teacher, but fortunately one we can learn from. Six miles in rain and snow, and a strength workout at the Y.
8mi this morning including 14 steep 1/3mi hill repeats with a headlamp in the dark, in order to get to the airport in time for a morning flight.
Thomas--First few taper periods are odd. Then the sensation gets more familiar. AND you get your life back for a few weeks. Ocelot--You go, man! Staying consistent will enable your body to make changes it needs. Sam--Don't forget Boston is a tougher course and will add a few minutes to your time. 7mi this morning and 7mi this afternoon in Arlington, VA as I try to work out the kinks from the 14+ hour flight back on Monday.
Yup, great to see new members posting on their running exploits! No email access over the weekend, in Macau. On Saturday did 7mi including 3 x 1mi at 90% effort, and Sunday 10mi including 7 x 1mi @ 90% effort. This morning 7mi (feeling kinda stiff for the first 3 miles following the 14hr+ return flight Monday. This afternoon 5mi and a strength session at the Y.
Ten miles this morning and a strength workout at the Y. Biking 16 miles this afternoon to make up for the 8 miles of running I missed yesterday courtesy of long work day.
Nice work, Thomas. Now that you've made the investment, you get to rest and recover before the big event. Fourteen miles on a pretty windy 23-degree day.
Nine miles including 12 steep hill repeats at 95% effort. Best wishes to everyone for safe and healthy running in 2012.
Six miles in the rain and a strength workout at the Y.
Six miles in Ice Joggers this morning. Black ice everywhere. Sam, here's your opportunity to start preparing for Buenos Aires marathon TV coverage: "Mi nombre es Sergio, y yo soy un Americano que corre con con velocidad y estilo."
10 miles this morning and a strength workout at the Y. Sam--Wow, Buenos Aires! I ran the Grachtenloop 10-mile in Amsterdam a few years back and local TV station reporter grabbed me afterward because he knew I had traveled the greatest distance among all the participants. At the end of the interview he ripped through a line of Dutch (which I don't speak) and asked me to repeat it. After hammering a 10-mile race, I tried my best. After my fourth try he said thanks and left...
New Posts  All Forums: