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5mi Friday morning, 4mi Friday evening. est day today before Melbourne, FL Half Marathon tomorrow morning. Even with a milder winter in Chicago warmed by southern weather systems, it still feels reeeeeally humid here in Melbourne.
Lovely stuff. Just curious: Is the 3) Size 52 L (EUR) Pal Zileri Sports Coat 100% Cashmere jacket a 1-, 2- or 3- season fabric, please?
Where else can you get great quality stuff and humor in the same offering, but the awesome Spoo?
Half mile warm-up, and 16 repeats on 1/3-mile steep hill.
Which of the photos is truest to the jacket's actual color, please? Is it a 1-, 2-, 3- season weight fabric?
5 miles this morning, 5miles this afternoon in 50 degrees and shorts. My coach (sports medicine MD and all-around wizard) says that shoe manufacturing quality has been a problem in recent years. Hard to know, unless one does a shoe autopsy.
PM sent on Trafalgar burgundy paisley.
8 yesterday. 10 this morning and 5 this afternoon with a strength session at the Y. Sunny and 40.
Just received the "Dk Burgundy or Berry Lightweight Merino. Nice condition. $30." Fine quality, value, and seller.
Seven miles in 40-degree Phoenix before flying back to Chicago.
New Posts  All Forums: