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Awesome pair of Vass shell cordovans! Makes me wish I ha the right size feet to fit them.
Silver calfskin Lidforts. Woah!! Where did I leave my foot shrinker...?
Six miles and a strength workout at the Y, during a cutback week. Spatlese--Sorry to hear about your bout of GI troubles. Best part after feeling like you're gonna die is: a) you're alive, and b) you feel a lot better.
10mi. User's Couch to 5K program works. Consistency and enjoyment both matter, because a person won't stay with it if he/she doesn't feel good.
11mi on ice and such after a cold snap. Harbin--Sugar's got a point. If you're cranking a hard effort, you'll want to ease off. Run at a rate that doesn't make you out of breath. Allow your body time to make all those changes it needs to get you a SF-quality frame for those duds.. New runners should start by walking up to 5mi, to get used to being on your feet. Then, walk a mile and within that take a run break of 30 seconds, repeating up to 3-4 miles. Week by week...
Seven miles before the snow flew. Harbin--Congrats on being a beginning runner! Prudent, consistent running does lots of good things for you. Sam's right: individuals vary and different training affects a body differently.
8mi in the sunshine, and a strength workout at the Y. Legs and toes are starting to return to normal after Sunday's half marathon in Melbourne, FL. Myles--Good on 'ya for tackling that ESB Run Up.
10 mi in the sunshine. Freddych--Get out there, man!
8 miles as the legs and tips of my toes recover from Sunday's half marathon. I only use SHOT during a marathon, at 10mi, 15mi, and 20mi marks. Sir Humphrey--Looser lacing may help with tingling toes. You might also see if a different model shoe, different socks (e.g., thinner), or different running surfaces make a difference.
15mi, including the Melbourne Beaches Half Marathon. 94% humidity and 70 degrees.
New Posts  All Forums: