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Yep. 'Dat 'dere would be your regular.
Any photos, please?
Once more, fortunately, my US10.5 size feet come the defense of my wallet..
My size 10.5 feet just protected my wallet from the lure of those beautiful Berlutti MTO wholecuts.
Spoo--Three easy steps:1) choose/buy one of these nifty items,2) tie on collar of shirt w/awesome Spoo ensemble,3) enjoy the attention and frequent comments that you look "dapper."So help me, the last time I wore mine eight different people used that identical word. --Chris
Thanks. Would having high arches affect anything? Is these anything else I should know, please?
New to this thread, have no Vass in my closet, and am interested in suggestions on Vass fit and last please. Shoes in the photos here are really something. They're in such great condition I wonder if the shoes are actually worn outside. Tombrone has posted some handsome Vass wholecuts at 43.5 on the New Peter last, with lasted trees. I normally take a US 10.5D and I'm curious to know if the size/last would fit. I assume the lasted trees matter. Could I get suggestions on...
After viewing this fabulous selection, I start to question the value of self restraint and prudence...
How is it that I have lived a life that does not call for me to wear the wonderful items adagio offers here...?
Great values from a great seller!
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