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An excellent point that I can't refute. As a 40L, though, my frame wouldn't do it justice. Full disclosure: I have invested in and wear a tux because I felt I ought to start attending occasions that call for one. Kind of wardrobe reverse engineering. It works! As for this elegant rig, I encourage anyone within the range of a 46R to consider how it would improve quality of life all round, wearing it in--and outside-- the house. --Chris
I just visited the Carmina site and am curious to know more about how the lasts fit. Can anyone provide some background, please?
- MEASUREMENTS FORTHCOMING - SHIRTS MAY FIT L OR XL - PM FOR EARLIEST NEWS! - Very nice shirts. Can you provide those measurements, please?
The posts on the thread are very informative. Thanks to all of the contributors. Checking on the collective wisdom of the UVP thread: I'm considering buying Vass 43.5 wholecuts on the New Peter last from another SF member. My feet are typically US10.5D. Should I just say "What the heck, they're great shoes" and go ahead, or are there any other issues to consider? All comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance. --Chris
Yep. 'Dat 'dere would be your regular.
Any photos, please?
Once more, fortunately, my US10.5 size feet come the defense of my wallet..
My size 10.5 feet just protected my wallet from the lure of those beautiful Berlutti MTO wholecuts.
Spoo--Three easy steps:1) choose/buy one of these nifty items,2) tie on collar of shirt w/awesome Spoo ensemble,3) enjoy the attention and frequent comments that you look "dapper."So help me, the last time I wore mine eight different people used that identical word. --Chris
Thanks. Would having high arches affect anything? Is these anything else I should know, please?
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