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Four miles this morning, three of them at marathon race pace. BTW, steer clear of Asics Gel Cumulus 13. Compared with GC12, uppers are a full size too small. Took much nipping, snipping and such to make sure it causes nothing bad this Sunday. On Monday, they'll be headed back to Road Runner.
Myles: Most excellent results, and congratulations on winning your age group! Humid conditions can make 26.2 a bear, and you hung in there. 4mi at marathon race pace this morning.
Have a great Hamptons Marathon, Sam! Hope you'll share your experience with us. Eight miles today, including two 1-mile tempo heats at 90%.
Excellent half marathon time! Congrats!
Great, Sam! Really glad to hear it! Have you run Boston before? I have always considered it a privilege to be part of the BAA field. Make sure you include goods hill work in your training for it. 14mi today, including 2 x 1mi @ 90%. Sunny, 61 degrees. Fluffy Cumulus clouds. Light breeze off Lake Michigan. If it could be better, I don't know how.
7 miles, including 2 x 1mile at 90%. Have now shifted to long sleeve lightweight top and cotton gloves for 48-51 degree temps. Submitted my app on Monday and was accepted for BAA #25 next April. Sam, any word yet?
I'm 62, have run for 30 years, compete at the marathon distance, and run up to 90 miles a week. IMHO, training sensibly, listening to your body, and enjoying the thrilling gift of running is what it's about. This morning it was 7mi including one mile at 90% effort, pointing toward Twin Cities in 3 weeks.
I run the Madison WI to Chicago 200-mi relay each year in June and that includes a leg at night. Headlamps, safety vests and strobes are required equipment. Petzl makes a range of excellent products at various price points. I have a TACTIKKA XP that's comfortable, bright, and gets it done at night while racing on paths in the Wisconsin woods. Hope that helps.
14.5 miles. Warm up and half marathon on a winding hilly course. A day ago temps dropped from hot/humid to chilly/windy (I'm not complaining...) Didn't feel like I loosened up for the entire distance. Even so, still placed in my age group, which always helps. Hope everybody's Labor Day runs were good ones.
14mi yesterday, including 8 x 1mi @ 90% effort/1:00 recovery. 5mi today to recover. Setting up for predictor race: Oakbrook, IL Half Marathon on Labor Day. Great efforts, everyone. Keep on keepin' on.
New Posts  All Forums: