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Biked 25mi in picture perfect conditions (69 degrees, calm, sunny, autumn colors), recovering from Twin Cities.
Biked 10mi on a clear sunny crisp morning to recover from TCM Sunday.
MP--Super job. Takes a lot to rebound from feeling poorly to beat your goal so soundly. Give yourself a well-deserved R&R. 26.2mi yesterday. Slower than hoped for, but a beautiful day on a beautiful course in Twin Cities.
4mi, including 3mi at marathon pace. Last run before two days of rest, then Twin Cities on Sunday. Style Forum considerations: White cotton gloves, sunglasses (although not as cool as Sam's yellow rims), Graphite Asics microfiber shorts, black singlet, and Asics Gel Cumulus13's that look like Edward Scissorhands got hold of the toes (to remedy the short uppers).
Four miles this morning, three of them at marathon race pace. BTW, steer clear of Asics Gel Cumulus 13. Compared with GC12, uppers are a full size too small. Took much nipping, snipping and such to make sure it causes nothing bad this Sunday. On Monday, they'll be headed back to Road Runner.
Myles: Most excellent results, and congratulations on winning your age group! Humid conditions can make 26.2 a bear, and you hung in there. 4mi at marathon race pace this morning.
Have a great Hamptons Marathon, Sam! Hope you'll share your experience with us. Eight miles today, including two 1-mile tempo heats at 90%.
Excellent half marathon time! Congrats!
Great, Sam! Really glad to hear it! Have you run Boston before? I have always considered it a privilege to be part of the BAA field. Make sure you include goods hill work in your training for it. 14mi today, including 2 x 1mi @ 90%. Sunny, 61 degrees. Fluffy Cumulus clouds. Light breeze off Lake Michigan. If it could be better, I don't know how.
7 miles, including 2 x 1mile at 90%. Have now shifted to long sleeve lightweight top and cotton gloves for 48-51 degree temps. Submitted my app on Monday and was accepted for BAA #25 next April. Sam, any word yet?
New Posts  All Forums: