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Eight miles this morning in calm 34 degrees, under hazy sun that's nearly as low in the sky as it'll get before the Equinox in 3 weeks..
10mi in shorts on a rainy 43 degree day.
jwied--Nice job on the 10-miler. 10mi yesterday and a strength workout at the Y. 8mi this morning past tailgaters prepping for the NU-Michigan State game with beer and such at 0830.
Anti--Two a days are a great way to manage schedule and get essentially the same training benefit. I've done a lot of 'em. 8 miles this morning, and resumed strength workouts at the Y. Have a great holiday, everyone.
6mi yesterday, 5mi today in sunny, windy 30-degrees.
6 miles on a picture perfect morning along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
Sam--Nice job with a 1:18 half! 5mi in the rain this morning, just coming back after a red eye flight from Anchorage.
Not stupid at all. Everyone varies in preferences, including food. Used to run afternoons but now can run mornings, and do. I have two mugs of coffee and a bagel with light butter and honey.
Sam, and Clarinetplayer: congrats on your weekend events! Five miles along the shoreline path in Anchorage, AK at sunrise.
6 miles on another picture perfect day. Dazzling Fall colors. 70 degrees. Light breeze off the lake, with sparkling waves under a sunny sky. Looks like another warm one for Chicago Marathon but I'll be on a plane to Anchorage for a conference.
New Posts  All Forums: