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Great review, and much appreciated. These are the kinds of insights that make SF such an enjoyable and worthwhile venture. Thanks!
Bump for a primo selection of quality goods and most excellent SF'er.
Unfortunately a bit short for my frame. But I do find the notion of being "reduded" appealing...
Free bump for a great SF seller.
Hi! I sent a message from my iPhone earlier today but wanted to make sure I got in touch. Please let me know what shipping costs would be from Istanbul to Chicago. Thanks! --Chris
If you've recently arrived at SF, welcome! You should know that Brian's a great SF seller. Excellent quality items at good prices and a fine gent (this is an unsolicited bump).
Bump for great quality shirts at a great value from an excellent SF member They are slim fitting, and look great..
An excellent point that I can't refute. As a 40L, though, my frame wouldn't do it justice. Full disclosure: I have invested in and wear a tux because I felt I ought to start attending occasions that call for one. Kind of wardrobe reverse engineering. It works! As for this elegant rig, I encourage anyone within the range of a 46R to consider how it would improve quality of life all round, wearing it in--and outside-- the house. --Chris
I just visited the Carmina site and am curious to know more about how the lasts fit. Can anyone provide some background, please?
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