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Just added excellent Butler Luxury medium jacket hangers to my own closet, but jpc9 has more where they came from. Great opportunity for solid products that'll rig your closet right, and keep SF items in good shape. 1) Trouser hangers are one size fits all. 2) Shirt hangers are also one size fits all. 3) SUIT hangers are size Small, 15 inches wide for jacket sizes 36 to 38. 4) COAT hangers are also size Small, 15 inches wide for jacket sizes 36 to 38.
I can report from first hand experience that the tan/beige is both excellent quality and an interesting taupe-like hue. Joel continues to provide wonderful offerings and value. I'm a fan!
I have an Andrea Campagna sport coat built similar to this one and it's terrific. Excellent value here. If it was 40L it would be gone already. --Nemo
Bump for a good seller and good quality offerings here.
Great review, and much appreciated. These are the kinds of insights that make SF such an enjoyable and worthwhile venture. Thanks!
Bump for a primo selection of quality goods and most excellent SF'er.
Unfortunately a bit short for my frame. But I do find the notion of being "reduded" appealing...
Free bump for a great SF seller.
Hi! I sent a message from my iPhone earlier today but wanted to make sure I got in touch. Please let me know what shipping costs would be from Istanbul to Chicago. Thanks! --Chris
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