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Fact is, we are all winging it. What matters is the fit with who you are. I'm a research engineer who is also a bassist in a jazz ensemble. No rules for that other than try what seems right and see how it feels. I'm fortunate to know Terell Stafford and Tim Warfield. Both have a great sense of style on and offstage. I just used Google Images and found a lot of shots of them in higher style and more casual clothes. Might be fun to check them out. --Dr. Nemo
Conanzulu--Hope you're doing well. Just sending some positive vibes and interested to hear how you're doing. When you get a moment, send an update. --Dr. Nemo
I'm with Randy. Making sure clothes fit, and are altered to fit, makes a big difference. A good tailor who knows how to fit you and make the right adjustments is a great help.
Conanzulu--I see a lot of gents on SF who are exceptionally sharp and not young. IMHO, style is finding what fits with and expresses who you are. That's possible at any age and for any size. This is your opportunity to create who you want to be and show it through the choices you make for your wardrobe. No need to rush. I've been a SF member for a number of years and have learned a lot by reading posts, watching what works, and finding my own sense of style. I notice...
I'll add my own thumbs up to this thread. Multiple transactions with him. Class act all the way. Buy his stuff!
Bump for a good seller and a good product.
Just added excellent Butler Luxury medium jacket hangers to my own closet, but jpc9 has more where they came from. Great opportunity for solid products that'll rig your closet right, and keep SF items in good shape. 1) Trouser hangers are one size fits all. 2) Shirt hangers are also one size fits all. 3) SUIT hangers are size Small, 15 inches wide for jacket sizes 36 to 38. 4) COAT hangers are also size Small, 15 inches wide for jacket sizes 36 to 38.
I can report from first hand experience that the tan/beige is both excellent quality and an interesting taupe-like hue. Joel continues to provide wonderful offerings and value. I'm a fan!
I have an Andrea Campagna sport coat built similar to this one and it's terrific. Excellent value here. If it was 40L it would be gone already. --Nemo
Bump for a good seller and good quality offerings here.
New Posts  All Forums: