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also interested ^^^
hey, so has any 1 here had any experiences with their shirts or undershirts ? they now even have a 4 way stretch dress pant ! bit like stretchy hiking pants i guess, handy for the pushy ride into work i may hold out until more reviews come out but their Apollo shirt does look a better fit than my recent BB ESF shirts (wont need taking in on sides) is there any 1 on these forums who does product testing with detailed reviews, that would be handy. chur
spewin, amature hour... my BB ESF shirts arrived few days ago to little New Zealand but sad to see they are bit big on me i think i got all paranoid about them going to shrink so ordered 1/2 inch up on the neck and 1 up on the sleeves, but feels like alotta material all bunched up on me now. for reference im 5'9, 70kg, currently hitting the gym but more toning than bulking and got a 38-39 chest. i ordered 15.5x34, but prob should of gone with 15x33 (was my gut feeling) i...
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