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Posts by Midpoint Working on the second edition this summer. Specifically it is a European adaption of the classic text. Philip was eighty last month.
Gary Armstrong. Gah! iPad keyboard. I should mention that I'm an academic specialising in marketing at a UK Business School.
Marketing covers a large number of careers. Advertising, branding, logistics etc. Different skill-sets for each. Psychology is quite a common background for people in consumer behaviour orientated areas. The first class I ever took as a marketing student was on the psychology of perception - shapes, colours, movement. I think some reading is in order. Online try the AMA - American Marketing Association. Offline pick up a copy of an intro reader - you need some basic vocal...
Hi, Two quickies: 1. Suggestions for shirt and tie colours for this suit: 2. Ties to go with this one:
A story in the Telegraph today about 'bespoke' at Moss Bros: I note it is in the finance and not fashion section.
I hope to have one of these arriving tomorrow: Tis leather though...
Evening All, I have been building my wardrobe from scratch. One category has been pocket squares. I have several in silk between 25-30cm per side, and these fit nicely. Recently I bought several more Irish linen squares at 42cm. I've tried folding these in different ways, but it still gives a significant bulge to the pocket. Extra size plus thicker material? Is this something to worry about? Is it likely my folding technique has basic faults? Some other variable I...
I also recommend Foyles. One of the best bookshops on Planet Earth.
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