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What would you wear that with? I'm having a problem with a lot of the new range in that I just can't see how I would incorporate it into an outfit - I'm sure that is mostly down to my limitations though.
I like some of the new squares a lot. Much nicer than the last set. The range of colours in the new ties seems unbalanced to me. A lot of greys and dark greens. The one grey tie I definitely wanted was the dark grey cashmere from last year - but that one isn't in the mix now, the replacement being a much lighter shade of grey. No new colours in the grenadines either.
Anybody planning on going to see this? I have a trip to London in August - I'll be popping in.
Thanks chaps. Much appreciated.
Gentlemen, I'm a beginner! I'd be grateful to receive suggestions for tie colour and texture to go with a dark blue linen suit. I was assuming a light blue shirt and my pitiful instinct is that black might work?
Sad news, Aquascutum has been placed in receivership:
A couple of links for you: and more pragmatic info: and for a business with a satellite in the UK: Hope that helps. M. edited as links weren't showing!
Thank you both. I've been collecting design 'classics' this past year or so. I'm pleased with the quality of manufacture of the coat [made in England!] and the detailing - just the size that gives concern. One of my physical deformities is very long and short calves, so I may have it taken up above the knee if that is feasible.
I have just received a Burburry trench coat. I'm not as confident in the sizing as I was when I ordered it. I'm a 42R [at Marks and Spencer anyway] and the coat is available in a 41 or a 43 inch chest measurement - so I went for a 43. Can trench coats be tailored readily? If anyone has had adjustments made to theirs I'd be grateful to hear about it. If I could choose I't want it slimmed a little and shortened by a couple of inches - I'm 6ft and a smidge and pretty chunky,...
Hi, Over the past couple of months I've worked my way through all of WAYWRN II and III, making it to the current end of that thread tonight. It has been a long journey, and my determination did sometimes waver but now I feel something of a sense of achievement/completion/spiritual awakening. Things I've had to work at not posting: 'It's so brave of you to post pics with that physical deformity' 'Is that rickets?' 'Being colour blind must really make selecting a...
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