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Thanks!Where do you pick up your Caol?Where are you located? I am in So Cal and have never seen that.I generally prefer more peat. I have tried many of those mentioned. Lagavullin 16, Ugi, Abundah, Ardbeg Cory. I am always interested in new options though.What is DE?
I am a big fan of Islay scotch. Particularly Lagavulin 16 and Ardbeg Uigeadail. Anyone here with any other thoughts and recommendations on on Islay scotch?
Someone needs to buy these. I own a pair and I will add couple things. They look way better in person, are crazy versatile, and for this price you are getting an awesome deal.
Damn, you got me.
Far too many haters in my opinion. I have made at least 25 orders with UM, mostly during the Semi-Annual and Archive Sales and have never had a problem getting my orders fulfilled.
Honey-DOWe all know that term right? Some of us are probably more familiar with it than others. In case you need a definition, here is the Urban DIctionary's take:Honey Do: Chores assigned by ones mate (usually wife). This list normally includes household chores or errands and typically are assigned at the most innnoportune moments (ie: Sports event, relax time, vacations or days off, snow days, etc..). Also can be a bribe for sex...Used in a sentence: I'd love to go to...
Here are a few I would be interested in: Merz B. tops Monitaly Henley
Really well put together. And looks like a great day for a wedding. Also, that Drakes tie perfect. Glad I picked it up too.
Ya, really have been slept on. They have been the first shoes out of my closet on the weekends.
And who can forget the fried cod balls?
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