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Thanks Namor. Morgan was great to work with throughout the whole process.
Thanks, and my pleasure! I find these a nice alternative to a boot. Living in So Cal a boot is not always the most pleasant thing to be wearing on a warmer day, and I think that these still have the boot look, but without hugging my ankles.Thanks, I appreciate it. I have never seen this produced, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I am happy with the results.
My MTO arrived this week and I am very happy I got in just before the program was suspended. Specs: 145 oxford Copper task rough-out Dainite sole Natural midsole Black stitching Natural tongue Antique brass eyelets They also were kind enough to accommodate my request for the MTO stamp on the insole. And Pics:
In all honesty, why do you really care what everyone on this thread thinks? If you are happy with them, keep them, if you don't think they are up to your standards, then return them. But you seem to come on here somewhat regularly with a post asking what everyone thinks, and basically asking them to make the choice for you.It's your call, they are your shoes.Just make a choice and stick with it.
I know MDUBS does not want to disclose where those shoes are from, but I don't mind letting the cat out of the bag since it will certainly be out sooner or later. AoC. For full disclosure, I do not own a pair, so don't even bother PM'ing me.
Nice looking Geller quilted jacket marked down to $150 from about $800 at Barney's Warehouse. Only size 46 left. Have at it: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/robert-geller-quilted-barn-jacket-502202773.html?index=22&cgid=mens-outerwear
Sorry for the lack of clarity. I am not quite sure of the exact terminology. But bellow may be correct. For reference, for those who do not own Viberg boots, the tongues are usually attached similar to what this photo shows:What I am interested in is not having it stitched to the sides as the photo shows, and simply connected to the vamp at the bottom, if that makes sense.
Can w do this book with a detached tongue, or is an attached tongue standard on all Viberg boots?
So are we doing a natural midsole on this, or the black as had been discussed before?
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