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If it helps, I wear 9E on Alden's barrie last, 10 in New Balance 998, 10-10.5 in Asics, and I went with the 42 in Buttero and am very happy with the fit. Based on your listed sizes, I would say you are either a 42 or 43, maybe leaning toward the 43 for a slightly more roomy fit.
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Arrived home to these today. First pair of Butteros and am really happy with them. Fit is spot on as well. I think these will work great in all seasons because of the versatile color and suede. Thanks NMWA! Here is the link in case anyone needs to instakop: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/sneakers/tanino-low-sneaker-snuff-brown-stamped-suede.html
Thanks! That thing look great. Fit seems spot-on!
No problem, thanks for getting back. How is fit in the shoulders? Mind posting a fit pic?
How did you size in the GRP?
I have ordered from them numerous times. They are a great shop. You should not have any hesitation.
First foray into Stephan Schneider and I am very happy with the quality and fit of this piece. Picked up the V4 cardigan. Big shout out to Kyle @conceptual 4est for all the sizing help. This worked out just as I was hoping and at $144 with the extra 25% off I think it was a steal.
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