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Thats bc he always steers you toward MTO
Not sure what color you are looking for, but Unionmade has them in a great snuff suede:http://unionmadegoods.com/product/yuketen-plain-toe-with-ripple-sole-in-fo-nk-terra/
I was totally just messing around. It will be a great opportunity for whoever earns it.
Willing to make an exception for someone interested in telecommuting from California?
PSA: Use code thankyou for 20% off Alden's at JCREW.
@gdl203 One thing I would like to see in store is Man 1924. I really love the pieces Carlos and gang put out. They always seem to be classic, well fitting, nice fabrics, and a slight modern twist. Very few retailers seem to carry them and I really wonder why. If you have any thoughts or are familiar with them please share.
Yes, sorry.
So funny, I just read that post to my wife and she burst out laughing because she has told me the same exact thing each time I have tried one on.
Beautiful shade of Color 4. What last are those on?
Offered here is one of the best SF deals you will find. This vest retailed for about $400. It is offered here brand new with tags for just $125, which will include shipping. Japanese maker Mt. Rainier Design makes some of the best outerwear, and this is no exception. Beautiful 60/40 fabric in a very versatile light tan color. Nice details like hidden zip pockets within the front patch pockets so you can keep all your goods safe. Does not get much better than this. Feel...
New Posts  All Forums: