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Offered here is an Engineered Garments Brown Homespun Bedford in size Large. This piece is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE, especially in this size. This piece is BNWT. The wool is extremely soft, so no real worries with itchiness. Also, the body of the coat is unlined, but the arms are lined, which makes it great when wearing a sweater or other pieces underneath because it does not catch on the arms. Approximate measurements are as follows: P2P 21.25", Shoulder 18.7'' If...
That would make two of us. I have a BNWT Large Brown Homespun that I am considering selling as well. What was the issue with yours?
That would be great. I appreciate it. Also, anyone own one in size large who can provide their height/weight and fit? Just trying to get fit dialed in before making a purchase.
Anyone have fit pics of the Brown Homespun Bedford? I have seen model pics, but looking for natural light real life shots. Thanks!
Anyone here happen to own the Richmond Jacket in a size Medium? If so, I would be really be interested in making you an offer. PM me and we can deal.
I only recently came across No Man Walks Alone and with my submission I wanted to take the time to talk about why I love so many of NMWA's pieces and identify 5 of the pieces that hightlight my love for what their shop does and why "waiting" for them to go on sale should NEVER be an option. Each season No Man Walks Alone curates a selection of pieces from the top designers in the world that are also made from the highest quality fabrics, with attention to the finest...
Offered here is an awesome pair of Alden for Brooks Brothers chocolate suede full strap loafers on the Aberdeen Last in size 9 A/C. The chocolate suede is buttery soft and of the highest quality. There is still plenty of life left on the leather soles as well. You will not find a better deal anywhere!! Feel free to ask any questions you may have or drop me an offer. Thanks!
Ok, Omert4, the lightbulb just went off. I see your point now.So, we can 100% agree that your entire argument sounds incredibly ignorant, which even you acknowledge.
I will remind you that you are the one who keeps bringing up the clothing the employees wear.You are quite the opinionated little fellow.I just find it entertaining that the guy who wants to "grow" calf leather and shells in a laboratory is trying to educate all of us and Alden, which has been around for about 100 years, on how a workforce should be established.But maybe if all the Alden employees and bathrooms were drenched in Dior Bois D'argent, you would be much...
+1. What do I care what they wear while making my shoes? I just want the shoes to turn out top quality. It's the poor quality that should be bothersome, and I think the OP's talk about their "looks" was certainly misguided and misfortunate.
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