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Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG Mint Julep with Bulliet and freshly picked mint -- freakin' amazing. With Woodford instead of Bulliet. Though, I did not muddle the mint and sugar together; instead, I put poured the whiskey into a large mason jar with quite a few mint sprigs and let it sit for 12 hours, then combined with simple syrup over ice and garnished with another mint sprig.
While they do beat you over the head with math in the early stages, it gets better, but still, engineering does use a lot of math. If you find math "boring", but can solve it without much trouble, don't worry, it gets better. If you find math difficult however, do something else. Architecture has always sounded fun, but I'm guessing there's still quite a bit of math involved, though perhaps easier than Bessel functions and quasi-viscoelastic stress-tensor transformations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lizard23 what field are you looking to get into AlmostFull? I oddly have no idea, except that the idea of remaining in academia has worn thin. I started off concentrating in tissue engineering, and ended up working on human-machine interface system design for my grad work, so I might continue down one of those paths in industry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Does anyone know if 3-D hologram television is under development? Full-sensory experience VR in your living room? Holograms, or star trek style holodecks? We already have 3-D hologram projectors, though they are still probably a decade off from being commercially accessible for most. However, full-sensory VR in your living room is currently impossible: we can do sight and sound, but we lag greatly in...
Suggest we change Manton's title to "Something Something Something, Darkside" until he changes his avator. And to J, , but perhaps after a time-period you deem appropriate, unban MM, since he seems to have a few decent people vouching for his character. Anyone can make a mistake and get carried away.
Biomedical Engineering (BS, MS, and soon PhD) with minors in physics and mathematics.
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS Are you saying he is Piob's secondary troll account? No, he's secretly my main account, and I'm hoping that no one will take my confession seriously.
I'm taking the approach of what I would do if I wanted to troll this place without much mental effort. He continually either adopt an extreme position for a topic, and would defend it using nauseatingly circular arguments. The only effort it takes is the commitment to keep at it, which given his posting frequency, easily allows him to hit 3k posts. If one of your trollings starts to stagnant, you could always bring in another account with the opposite extreme position,...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Perma-? I'm 95% certain that mm was a sock puppet account. So unfortunately no, he will return with another username. After all, how does one kill that which has no life?
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK That's my deal with lying and manipulation. You can do them without damaging people if you're good at what you do. It doesn't make them more things to do, but they aren't necessarily harmful. Stealing and cheating are the two that somebody has to get fucked over. In the case of cheating, you're taking part in a competitive activity, so somebody is going to get fucked over anyway. In this case you're using whatever...
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