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Nice, those are definitely fading well so far
Are those broken twills?
A lot of people do seem to like the slim fit. It's just that NF and the collaborators don't often seem to lol (partially joking)
KLoop has some for 105 if those are what you were trying to get
How would you all size on the big john collab? Regular WG sizing?
Those look amazing, and it's only been 3-4 months, if I had the funds I'd be all over them lol Hopefully something remotely similar is released down the line though
They're labeled "Deep Indigo"...
If your friends wore excessively distressed jeans I don't think that it would make it look any better if you were to
lol Those jeans are crazy. Not something I'd actually wear but the lulz factor is certainly there
You're arguing that APCs are better for the money than N&F... Hmmm...
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