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Has anyone done business with the folks? And if so, what were your experiences? TIA!
Thank you, gentlemen! I think I now have a better idea of what to expect.
I can judge the appearance from photos, but I'm concerned with how they feel being worn. How stiff are they? How hard is the compound? I have a pair of shoes with the English Commando soles, and I frankly find them unsuitable for hard surfaces. Thanks to all!
I would prefer the brown. I think that this particular shade of brown, which I presume is horn, will look great on a navy blazer. Understated, but distinctive.
I've had luck with these people. If you fancy a classic brogue, I think this a nice one.
It should break in to fit, particularly if they're laced. But it you wish, you could add a heel pad. My right foot is slightly more than a 1/2 size smaller than my left, but I can usually wear the same size on both feet comfortably. Futures options in addition to bespoke, might include an MTO program such as Allen Edmonds that allows you to order different sized shoes for each foot.
And I wouldn't buy used toothpaste either.
Only in school colors. OR Are you big enough?
I think it's a great Harris Tweed! And my experience suggests it's harder to find things that won't harmonize, than will. (Though the people who dressed the model have come close.) Slacks- Flannel, twill or cord, in any color that harmonizes with ground or any color in the tweed. Includes grey flannel, medium to charcoal, olive or tan cords, and twills also in olive and tan. Shirts - white, blue, ecru to yellow, pastel green. Solids or pencil stripes. Ties - Anything to...
Not if you use a damp cloth with saddle soap afterward. It comes right off.
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