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Yes i was thankyou for that CalTex just me being a dumb ass
any idea how much these chairs are? Thanks
Thanks for that ill have to take a look Zbromer looks like a very indepth website so ill take a look at it, they are stunningly crafted though i must say it would look ideal in my room And yes i think we get the picture that you are selling whiskey glasses!!
Facebook - is full of dumb asses, no i do not want to know about your daily routines and no i do not want to see your ugly face everyday stood in front of a mirror posing. This is really in at the moment may need to grow yours slightly!
I am happy this thread has started i want a more masuline/edgy bathroom design in my apartment its due for a revamp seen a few freestanding baths i like. Spotted a few heated towel rails to bring the hard chrome edge into play, i like this design very white but using black as a contrast especially love the chair. Anyone got any tips how i could achieve that look or any photos of your cool bathrooms for abit of inspiration My bathroom is only small so cant go to epic...
i rarely can remember my dreams but i do know people who have had really vivid dreams so much so that they wake up and feel like it was reality and really happened
why is it that so many people struggle to eat first thing in the morning, is it our bodys or just in our heads?
i think so but maybe people are not as bothered about sharks as whales i dont know?
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