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Opened a 2009 label with a few of my groomsmen, on my wedding day, a couple weeks back and found it to be really funky (similar to aged 3F) and still decently carbed. Very tasty and refreshing. Obviously batch variation and the extra year could be to blame, but it could have just been a bad bottle too.
Was that the burgundy cask or the regular version of the 2006? Either way, how was it? Still have a few of these in my stash.
Price dropped to $500
Price dropped to $500
Price dropped from $350 to $300
Curious myself. I know of some complaints about water welts on lighter colors, but even these will come out with some Reno and elbow grease.I'd much rather wear my shell shoes in the rain than regular calf that soaks it all up.
Sorry to hear that man! I was hoping some age would magically bring this beer together from the mess it was fresh, but alas, it seems like a rare (non-infected) miss from the Bruery.
Found a bottle of the Arctic Soiree in Indy last week as well (they had 2, but I had to conserve space in my luggage for other stuff like Wulver). Let me know your thoughts if you open it.
So, I'm heading out to Grand Rapids and eventually Indianapolis for work this Monday on a four day trip. I'll have a rental car and will be making the drive down from Grand Rapids to Indianapolis on Wednesday and will be leaving out of there Thursday night. What breweries/shops should I try to visit? For reference, I have access to all the standard Founders/Bells/New Holland stuff down here in VA's distribution, but we don't get things like Jolly Pumpkin or Prarie. Never...
Late to the party, but that Balligator boot is absolutely incredible. Wish I wasn't saving for a honeymoon and still reeling from the ring purchase. Would love to own a pair of those beauties!
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