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I'd consider going in for a walnut shell boot as well. The 13D and 12D experiments never worked out for me and the Daltons.
LOVE this beer. Nice!
I have definitely thought of doing the same and probably will. I have a pair of walnut Strand seconds that I adore, but would kill for a walnut Dalton that actually fits my foot. After owning a 13D and a 12D at separate times, it's become apparent that I would need a custom size for these boots. Unless the ebay gods smile down on me some magical day, it looks like my only hope is for AE to re-source the material.
Bon Chien is my favorite non-lambic sour beer and it's not even close. It's dry, very sour, and quite strong without being noticeably boozy. It also holds up and tastes great for years down the road. I have bottles dating back to 2006 in my closet, including a couple magnums. Just think of it as being similar to a good bottle of wine and the price will seem much less inflated to you. The craftsmanship that goes in to making it is completely worth the price and then some.
Price dropped to $525
Does this help?
Although, if you're a very uncommon size, it may just get easier. Now we are free to check on inventory to our hearts' content, without having to worry about pissing off our local or go-to outlet store employees!
This would be great, if possible.
Still Available! Price dropped from $575 to $525!
These are fantastic!
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