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Agreed that it's a good beer. I just cant justify the price at something like $28 a bottle. I picked up two when a recent Whole Foods had all their bombers at 15% off. I'd buy it a lot at $15, but I probably wont buy it again for more than $20. So many other good options out there that I'd rather blow my money on, including Juliet.
I'll have to go back and try another one now at a range of temperatures to see if I can replicate what you tasted. I had one from this most recent release and thought it was fantastic. Perhaps not as many different individual notes as say the Resolute, but definitely a high quality barrel aged porter with the typical bourbon/caramel/vanilla flavors...especially for the price ($9 / 22oz bomber).
I have one bottle of Autumn Maple in my stash, can acquire plenty of Bruery White oak, Bruery Saison Rue, or Bells Expedition Stout. I also have about two cases of Bourbon County Barleywine in my stash and have access to more (I'm obviously a huge fan as well). Let me know if you can't get it from your normal trade partners and if not, perhaps we could set something up.KBS was extremely difficult to acquire this year in my state of Virginia and I only ended up with two...
No catch, other than sometimes getting hit with custom's charges. These are stock models for them, so no made to order fees apply. Great deal if you can find what you're looking for.
Up for sale is a brand new pair of custom Allen Edmonds Leeds shoes in the now discontinued (and unavailable) Cappuccino Horween Shell Cordovan (also referred to as Truffle). The shoes were created as a MTO for me, but I have to sell them to help finance some upcoming wedding expenses. From what I understand, this was an Allen Edmonds exclusive color, but there were issues with the initial offering and as such, they do not plan to use it going forward. As such, this could...
Can't recommend any good shoe tree models for chisel toed shoes, but if you're using the cheaper Woodlore trees, you could think about sanding the toes down to more of a point. I wouldn't do this with expensive trees, but with 10-20 dollar Woodlore's, why not?
Holy crap.
Picked up four bottles...and even that took too much effort. Most stores were reserved before they even made it to the sales floor.
4/2/2014 Update: New photos added to better show color.
Want these pretty bad. Nice pickup.
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