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Thanks again to all of you who provided me with the Portland pro tips. Much appreciated. My haul from the week: FW - Sucaba (x2), Rustic - West Ashley, Russian River - Consecration (x5), 1776 Rye Barrel Aged Brown Ale, Almanac - Farmers Reserve Blueberry, Almanac - Farmers Reserve Strawberry, The Commons - Boysen (Boysenberry Farmhouse Ale w/ Brett), De Garde - Petit Desay (x2), De Garde - Tableau Rouge (x2), De Garde - Bu Weisse (x2), Logsdon - Seizen Bretta (x2),...
This is awesome! Thank you so much for the advice and recommendations. Gonna do as much of this as possible.Thank you to everyone else who has responded as well. I have put together a master list from all this good stuff.
Any recommendations on places to check out in Portland, Oregon? Will be there on business in a few weeks (17th-21st) and have a few days before the work obligations to explore the city. I've heard of Hair of the Dog, Upright, Deschutes, and Cascade and would like to check these guys out. Are there other breweries that are must-visits? Other places that I need to check out unrelated to beer? Thanks.
Sorry for not doing the research myself, but did the Epaulet Navy Python MTO's ever get made / shipped? Haven't been around much lately and would love to see a photo, if so.
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Up for sale is a stunning pair of Carmina wing tip austerity brogues in a tanned python skin leather. These were purchased as part of a group MTO through Epaulet, but unfortunately do not fit as well as I had hoped. I've held on to them thinking I may try to get them resized via a cobbler, but wedding expenses are adding up and I need the money more than the shoes. I'm selling WAY below cost (~$750). These have now been featured twice in the 'Somebody Should Buy This'...
Up for sale is an awesome pair of Herring Chestnut mixed Calf and Grain Leather Wingtip Bluchers in a size 12F UK. I purchased these from their online site a while back, but they unfortunately do not fit me. Since they are currently residing in the US and since they have already been imported to the USA, this is a chance to pick up these awesome shoes without the hassle and expense of overseas importation (for you stateside folks at least). I believe these have since sold...
Opened a 2009 label with a few of my groomsmen, on my wedding day, a couple weeks back and found it to be really funky (similar to aged 3F) and still decently carbed. Very tasty and refreshing. Obviously batch variation and the extra year could be to blame, but it could have just been a bad bottle too.
Was that the burgundy cask or the regular version of the 2006? Either way, how was it? Still have a few of these in my stash.
Price dropped to $500
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