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Can I vote for burgundy shoes? That would be best. Also, I cannot see this pocket square you speak of.
No. However, it doesn't shock me that your sleeves pull back when you "reach" for something. When standing normally, you should be showing around .25 - .5 inches of cuff.
My first instinct is that I dislike all of them, but depending on application and execution, I like the 3rd the best. The 1st one might be OK without the contrast collar/cuff...but then again, I think they would all look better without the contrasting collar/cuffs.
For the jeans, I'd go 34. At the very worst, they can always be a taken in a touch, but belts normally solve any looseness. However, tightness or more difficult to remedy.The navy blazer is classic and goes with a great variety. For pants, I personally favor either khaki chinos or a medium-light gray trouser. For shirts, I tend to favor plain white, but it goes with nearly any shirt from light blue to lavender. They key to remember is contrast. For example, don't...
The dauber is sometimes used during polishing to get excess polish out of brogueing.
If they haven't started making the jacket, then yes, its possible. You would (likely) lose your place in the queue though, then again, in the long run you'd be better off (assuming your ebay one fits).
I see, well iammacyborg is right, the leather MA-1 is friggin awesome. I would highly recommend it. If I were you I would change the second wool MA-1 to something else. Either a TOJ0 or upgrade to another rider-style leather.
Pick whichever you like. Outside of something like a black PA or a wholecut, I don't really get the "no balmorals" with casual attires thing. I understand the history an formality behind it, but aesthetically, it just doesn't make that much difference most of the time.Perhaps like you, I own 5 balmorals, one blucher, and 3 pairs of boots.
You ordered 2 wool MA-1s and a leather MA-1?
I see. I got weird feet though. I wear a 10.5EEE in the 5 last and an 11D in the standard Wolverine 1ks.
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