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Where did you purchase that sportcoat? I am having a difficult time finding one like that with patch pockets.
http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_azha_b_11502_00111_white_mesh_weave Has anybody ordered this fabric? If so, how did you find it from a softness, opaque, and wrinkle resistance perspective?
^ might be a touch baggy in the arms, but looks good overall. I'd keep if fit is your only concern.
I am a watch guy, but I hardly think they are a "must". They do however give you an elegant way of checking the time on a date or really during any conversation without appearing rude to your company.
I'm 6' 4" and I pretty much always go with 3.5 - 3.75". All my Hobers are 6-fold.
I'd vote for the strand. I am not a cap-toe person, but the strand is just plain nice.
Is there a list of leathers available somewhere on your website?
I have 3 different shoes on the 5 last, and while I do wear them all, they definitely fit a bit different from each other. Sizing is certainly not exact.Also, I was at an AE store awhile back and tried on PA in my size and it was WAY too big on me. It does happen, you just have to look around sometimes.
Wait for a J Crew sale. They almost always have them at some point.
If you wish to purchase a black peacoat, then by all means get whichever you personally like best. That is more valuable than any advice a random person on the forum can give you.To your question, "more versatile" simply means that it looks better with a wider variety of other clothing and can be paired more easily. This depends on personal style. There is a general dislike for the color black on these forums and while I personally do not have a problem with black...
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