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I would go for the Grenson.
Do you guys think these "blemishes" are ground for a return? They rest of the shell and the shell on my other wallet looks fine.
Has anyone had any luck getting an e-mail response from Vanda lately? I know they are busy with recent events, but I was curious if anyone else managed to get a reply.
This or This?
Kind of interesting to hear things like this that pass inspection, since my MTO's failed inspection along with several posters in this thread. It seems like it is not an uncommon occurrence for things not to pass.
Does anyone know if Buttero boots are re-solable? These for example: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/black-leather-wool-lined-boot-on-crepe-sole-1468.html
I really wish carmina had more options for wide feet. I'd almost consider ordering that 942 in a wide forest if the mark-up for MTO wasn't so high.
Has anyone purchased these that can comment on the sizing compared to other boots? I looked at the measurements and I feel like I am either doing something wrong or these run narrow-ish. I wear an 11D in the Wolverine 1000 mile boots, which (by my measure) are ~12.5" (length) by 4.4" (width). Any guesses as to my size? I also wear a 10.5EEE in AE 5 last and 44.5 in Vass 3636.
This is correct. The silver marks are from the pens they use to mark the leather before cutting.
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