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I might go for the brown A-2, since you'll already have a black DR.
I have seen 3 jackets in lamb and 2 jackets in calf between me and my brothers, so I feel I can comment. Admittedly, the calf is thicker, heavier, and tougher than the lamb. The lamb is quite nice, but it should not deter you from getting the calf. They both break in just fine and wear just fine. Out of all the jackets I have seen, my olive calf CM is overall my favorite jacket. The olive calf is just particularly nice. I have never had either leather rip, but the...
I'd keep an eye or at or after Christmas. If nothing else, Brooks Brothers sells an AE strand for $368 in walnut. The day after Christmas it should be 25%+15% off, bringing the price for firsts down to $234.60 assuming the sale is the same as last year.
I use those for my TOJs, they work well.
I would go for the Grenson.
Do you guys think these "blemishes" are ground for a return? They rest of the shell and the shell on my other wallet looks fine.
Has anyone had any luck getting an e-mail response from Vanda lately? I know they are busy with recent events, but I was curious if anyone else managed to get a reply.
This or This?
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