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1. Pick whatever feels the most comfortable. You will be on your feet a good portion of the day. 2. A derby style shoe is more casual (as previously mentioned), but the idea that walnut strands don't look good with a nice pair of dark jeans is silly. It depends on the environment you are in. To some, any Allen Edmonds shoe with brogueing will seem very fancy to the general public (even though traditionally it is seen as more casual). To others, no one will give the...
I would also be curious to know this
+1. They look nice in pictures, but silly on your feet.
The coat does have both side pockets for your hands or gloves, as well as more than one interior pocket. You can see from the images and I know as I have the coat.
Kind of looks like a four-in-hand knot.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/BrooksStorm%C2%AE-Short-Town-Coat/032L,default,pd.html?dwvar_032L_Color=BLCK&contentpos=4&cgid= This is the one you want. They also have a longer version. Wait until one of the semi-annual sales and you can get it for like 30% off. I got one in charcoal and love it.
I just can't express how not disappointed you will be.
You could spent $25 more and just order one from Sam Hober.
Anyone know what collar this is? I think I saw it in the thread awhile ago.
I have been very unimpressed with Burberry quality, save for the prorsum line. You might try Brooks Brothers or London Fog.
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