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They have it in the independence collection and I kinda like it.
Most of those brands (in my opinion) are of relatively similar quality, and not typically the brands on this forum go for as a general rule. Ralph Lauren does have some higher end labels (black label, purple label) that are of higher quality. However, the idea that you cannot get a very quality tie under $100 is simply not true. I do think you could get the best value for you money if you were willing to order online. A lot of places have no sales tax and free...
Has anyone had their TOJs get stuck in customs for over two weeks? It still says the typical "customs retention reason: other", but normally it clears Chicago in a day or two. I haven't received any notices.
J. Crew sells some decent henleys that would give you a similar look.
It depends on the garment. I have around a 44" chest and I wear a large in T-shirts, sweaters, etc. However, my jackets, suits, and sport coats are larger as they aren't so stretchy.
Yes, they are in my opinion, not functional unless you have smaller hands. I wear a large glove, and can't really get my hands in there (size 54 jacket). If you want a leather bomber with useable pockets, I might go with the leather MA-1.
Personal preference, but I would say same.
Brooks Brothers version of the AE Strand firsts should be around ~$240 on Christmas or the day after.
1. Look at Allen Edmonds comfort shoes2. Everyone on this forum will tell you brown is superior to black, but you should have at least one pair of "go to" black shoes.
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