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I feel like I tried to get Vass to do this last time I ordered from them. I will have to ask Mr. Kuti about this as my feet are also....problematic.
What do you mean by "semi-bespoke" last?
This man is not wrong
There's an Ebay seller called "buttonsnboots" that usually has a good selection.
3.5-3.75 is considered "classic"
For sale is a Brooks Brothers Luxury Slim Fit shirt. Size is 16.5" x 37". Shirt is woven from Egyptian cotton from Italty and made in USA. Pattern is a blue and dark grey/black stripe and seen in the photos. Shirt is in pretty much perfect shape, only worn maybe 3-4 times.
I am also interested to see what he comes up with as I plan on placing another order in march due to my problem of having only 3 grenadines from Hober ...that said, I am contemplating the Dark Red Fina #2, but it's hard to get an exact feel for the color. The image and the only picture I've seen of it vary somewhat. Well that and I already have a burgundy fina from Hober. The right red tie is a tricky problem to tackle.
Is there an appreciable difference between flannel fabric from Dugdale vs. flannel fabric from JJ Minnis? I am about to order some trousers in a mid/light grey and am wondering if the $100 extra for Minnis is really worth it. Both are 14 oz flannel fabric.
You asked about grossa initially, which is looser than fina. Comparing fina to piccola, I would go by what it says on the website. FWIW, I have both piccola and fina ties from Hober and it is very difficult to tell the difference.
Grossa is a looser weave, fina is a finer weave
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