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J. Crew sells medium tall shirts
I would also highly recommend going down a 1/2 size and up a width.
I've always preferred somewhere around a 9" leg opening.
The general thought is to wear rubber soles in such conditions.
They never cease to impress:
They have it in the independence collection and I kinda like it.
Most of those brands (in my opinion) are of relatively similar quality, and not typically the brands on this forum go for as a general rule. Ralph Lauren does have some higher end labels (black label, purple label) that are of higher quality. However, the idea that you cannot get a very quality tie under $100 is simply not true. I do think you could get the best value for you money if you were willing to order online. A lot of places have no sales tax and free...
Has anyone had their TOJs get stuck in customs for over two weeks? It still says the typical "customs retention reason: other", but normally it clears Chicago in a day or two. I haven't received any notices.
J. Crew sells some decent henleys that would give you a similar look.
It depends on the garment. I have around a 44" chest and I wear a large in T-shirts, sweaters, etc. However, my jackets, suits, and sport coats are larger as they aren't so stretchy.
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