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Can anyone point me in the right direction for where to purchase Loro Piana fabrics, specifically their storm system cloth? I would like some to be made up into a coat, but I am having difficulties tracking down a supplier.
Has anyone had anything made up in the 25 oz charcoal dugdale fabric? It looks really dark, close to black and I wanted to see how it looks actually made up into a garment.
Does anyone here have the billy reid bond peacoat? If so, can they comment on the long term durability of it?
The TOJ calf is in my opinion not the same and not the same quality. For example, I felt the brown and black calf were (as other have described) very stiff, heavy, and obviously not as soft as the lamb. However, the Olive Italian calf is exceptionally nice. It is very thick, heavy, and yet very soft and supple to the touch. It's probably the best leather I have ever encountered on a jacket.In comparison to other jackets: The brown and black are (again as others have...
For those of you with experience with Luxire peacoats: 1. How was the wool you selected? I'm particularly interested in the 25 oz Dugdale Wool. Also, if you have a J. Crew Dock Peacoat and could compare the two, I would value your input. 2. To those who got the bond version, how did you feel is compared to the Billy Reid version and how was the leather quality?
I can verify that you can get a discount at a U.S. Rolex AD if you are paying cash.
My ex-gf use to wear those
Can anyone who owns both shoes in the 5 last and the 2 last comment on their differences and similarities in fit? Specifically, I would like to know about heel fit (snugness/looseness) and width in the front/ball of the foot.
Pretty happy I have all my TOJs already
These are very nice, but thicker than typical T-shirts in my experience. This can obviously be a pro or a con.I am also a big fan of J. Crew T-shirts.
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