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I am wondering if I have forward shoulders now after reading through this thread. I seldom feel like I have enough mobility in many of my jackets. Specifically mobility is limited when driving or making a "hugging motion". This problem is solved by sizing up normally, but occasionally it makes the shoulders a bit too big. What I mean by this is that mobility is good, but the shoulder seam does not always fall where is should on the shoulder. My tailor (who I believe...
I would also be interested to know this
Ah, my apologies, it appears the forums still have much to teach me.Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I don't need another word for the color, I need a supplier.
Anyone have a suggestion on where to find a dark foresty green cloth for a peacoat? Something like: I have looked through Dugdale, Huddersfield and the like.
http://www.kentwang.com/suits/tweed-herringbone-brown.html Kent, is this bay boy ever coming back to MTM?
Does this tie still exist?
Where did you purchase that sportcoat? I am having a difficult time finding one like that with patch pockets.
http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_azha_b_11502_00111_white_mesh_weave Has anybody ordered this fabric? If so, how did you find it from a softness, opaque, and wrinkle resistance perspective?
^ might be a touch baggy in the arms, but looks good overall. I'd keep if fit is your only concern.
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