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I swear by AG jeans. I've never found a brand I have liked better.
I still feel pretty cool wearing mine
Learn your measurements and hit Ebay. You can get super nice stuff for < $1000.
On #2, never wear sneaker or tennis shoes with a long coat. It just doesn't look right. Stick to nice boots or dress shoes.
I have been very impressed with Luxire shirtings. I ordered an "entry" fabric for $60 and was very impressed for what I got for the money. The shirt was soft, extremely wrinkle resistant, and did not shrink at all. They also have pretty thick MOP buttons. Truthfully, Brooks Brothers has gone downhill. There are still some gems to be had, but I am becoming less and less impressed with their offerings.
I have completely switched over to Luxire and Proper Cloth for shirts. Brooks just isn't the same anymore. All my dress shirts used to be their "Slim Fit Luxury" line.
Just get the strand in walnut. It is arguably AE's best shoe. It looks fantastic with jeans and suits (or really anything navy to mid-grey). However, I would not wear it with khakis as tan and khaki just don't look that great.
1. Pick whatever feels the most comfortable. You will be on your feet a good portion of the day. 2. A derby style shoe is more casual (as previously mentioned), but the idea that walnut strands don't look good with a nice pair of dark jeans is silly. It depends on the environment you are in. To some, any Allen Edmonds shoe with brogueing will seem very fancy to the general public (even though traditionally it is seen as more casual). To others, no one will give the...
I would also be curious to know this
+1. They look nice in pictures, but silly on your feet.
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