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I honestly can't see a better lining for a leather jacket than Bemberg.
Pretty sure Nil is 6' 4" and 205 lbs (ish) and a size large peacoat fit him. So a large duffle ought to fit you.Conceptionist is correct in his statements, but I am not sure I agree with his initial advice. You probably have the muscle there, you just can't see it due to your % bf. You might try something like p90x as a cutting program. Essentially you want to workout, but with a bit of a caloric deficit. However, if you do want to get big/muscular, then follow what...
The leather band is a nice touch on a Seiko, I haven't seen to many like that. For a casual watch, pick whichever you like best. If you really want an opinion, I prefer the all black.
Just get a full leather, they are superior.
I'm on week 16 . It has to be soon lol.
One of my hangups for getting an MDR was it looked like a younger person's jacket and I wouldn't be able to really pull it off in my 30's (I'm 27). It would appear I just got served.
From a versatility standpoint, you really couldn't do much better than the 44mm viewmatic. It is clean enough for more formal attire, but looks fine with casual. It is also highly water resistant and durable so you don't have to baby it. I would highly recommend.
I find them to be very overpriced for what you get. Kind of like a Hugo Boss suit, you pay for the name rather than anything substantial. Pretty sure they use completely unmodified ETA movements.If I were going to get a watch in that style, I would rather go for a Sinn. They did designs for Bell and Ross, so it is no surprise they look similar. The Sinn is better made and less expensive.
It's Navy.
I disagree. The waist could come in a bit, but it isn't so bad.
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