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I mean really, both those boots can fit the bill. The Wolverine 1000 Mile (for example) is an excellent boot, but for real winter use, you will have to have a rubber sole or toppy put on it. It isn't really time consuming nor expensive, but you will have to do something. Also, any boots with legit leather will need some waterproofing. Myself and many others use Obenaufs heavy duty LP. It works very well.
The wolverines are (in my opinion) more comfortable and require less break in. They also use CXL leather, which is a personal favorite.
What kind of shoe is it?
They stretch some in width. The most you could probably ask for is +1 width. FWIW, I would certainly go with the size you feel comfortable wearing thick socks with. It is a boot after all.
I think the problem is that everything comes down to personal taste. I agree there is a lot of bias in the posts and that they lean towards conventionally attractive women dressed in heels. Many people are taking issue with the fact that (what we will call) the SW&D crowd are calling them basically tasteless heathens because they don't conform to the popular aesthetic the SW&D crowd seems to like in the thread. It's hard to blame them, because you are essentially...
Does anyone know what kind of a shank Wolverine uses in the 1k mile boots?
I think Alden makes a slightly better shoe, at least when it comes to cordovan. However, AE is easily the superior company. Their customer service is top notch, they are available at more locations, and they are extremely flexible on MTOs. If they fit me better, every shoe I own would be AE.
Honestly, if you are that worried about stretch, I think you might be too anal about the fit. If it is stretching, it is stretching for a reason.
Silver is, by natural, a shiny color.Honestly, I am a huge fan of this one. I think it is fine for any formal affair.http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-grossa-solid-silk-ties/charcoal-gray-silver-grenadine-silk-tie-21.html
New Posts  All Forums: