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Sherman Brothers in PA is having a trunk show for Alden. 15% off, but you can only get it in store.
I buy on the larger side. It is a jacket, not a dress shirt. If it is snug, you also can't layer under it well, if at all. That said, don't buy something huge on you. If you can find something with a tailored or tapered fit, you will be fine.
Nearly every denim manufacturer makes a pair of dark denim. Just looks for a straight leg cut. Some choices are: Naked and Famous, AG Jeans, Nudie, Levis, Diesel, APC, Nudie, Epaulet, Ralph Ralph Lauren....I could go on. Try em' on and pick whichever you like best. The shoes you mention would be fine.
The arms looks fine. It is a jacket, not a dress shirt. I would leave them.
I would not go bow tie, I would wear a black long tie.
-Chesterfield Coat -A long coat in something other than wool, like maybe moleskin. -A moto style leather jacket with a high collar.
Buy something off ebay or B&S and have it tailored.
I personally prefer the Hamilton based on the fact that between the 3, I prefer the one with an ETA movement. The CW uses a Sellita SW200 movement, which while has a fairly positive reception, some consider to be a little below ETA. ETA movements are extremely well known and very "tried and true", hence I prefer them at this market segment. Nearly all watchmakers know ETA, which makes it easier to service when the times comes. This is just me though, it is likely that...
If you are trying to impress your date, this is the correct advice.Only do the pocket square if you have the white shirt, in my opinion. A white square on a completely black ensemble is going to put too much focus on it. White linen is good, but if you want to add some subtle flair:http://www.kentwang.com/white-with-leaf.htmlIt is rapidly becoming my favorite.If you want to match something to your date, get a lapel flower in that color. Subtle is usually better. For...
http://www.loake.co.uk/sahara.html ...cemented construction....fail.
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