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Upon closer inspection, those are actually the Fifth Avenue, not Park Avenue. However they are both made on the 5 last anyhow (i.e. they fit the same). All that said, They are not TTS in my opinion, but it depends on your feet. Everyone's are different. They run, as a general rule, somewhat narrow and a bit on the long side. Some people can wear TTS and others cannot. My brother is a size 10 TTS and wear a 10E in the Park Avenue. Others have success going down half...
I know right? It is supposed to be the most formal suit/tuxedo shoe (aside from the pump) and yet no one seems to really offer it.
Wolverines are better anyhow. CXL ftw.
Paul Stuart has excellent suits and come in both traditional and more "trendy" styles. You can usually find really good deals on them off ebay.
Which last has a narrower/smaller heel? The barrie or the trubalance?
1. You could put on both the white and black shirt in front of her and see if she really likes black best. Sometimes girls get ideas in their head because they envision it being cool based on [insert celebrity here], then realize it doesn't actually look that good. If she still picks black, so be it.2. If you know those shoes will fit you, then yes they are certainly a good buy.
It has a square-toe as you said, of which, I am not a fan. They have one on the aberdeen, but it is just too narrow for me to fit into.
Is this a standard shoe or is this MTO? Looks like basically a nicer strand.
This may sound bland, but what about a black plain-toe balmoral on a traditional round toe last, like maybe the oscar? I feel like finding a quality one of these is seemingly impossible without a cap-toe on it.
BuffaloWang, You already have the suit. So I am going to leave that alone. 1. Get a white shirt, not black. Unless you are servicing hors d'oeuvres, then by all means. A white shirt looks better with black, see Mr. James Bond: 2. Assuming that white t-shirt is for use as an undershirt. Get a heather grey v-neck t-shirt. It will show through less and when you (likely) take off your tie. 3. Get the Park Avenues. They are better in every way. The strand is...
New Posts  All Forums: