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I really want this.
Pretty sure it is lamb/goat only. You should still get the CWU. Leather > not leather.
I have one and I like the standard collar better. I think it looks more traditional for a bomber-style jacket and I enjoy the feeling of leather on the back of my neck.
buy a more relaxed fit, it will have wider thighs for the same waist measure. You can also have relaxed jeans tailored for more a taper, or you can just size up and have the waist taken in.
Is it really that different from the 2011? All I see is like one extra snap on the collar strap.
OK, disclaimer, I have no experience with the TOJ-1, but I do have some with their leather jackets. I am not too dissimilar from you in measurements.Mine (body) are:6' 4", ~200 lbsShoulders 19-19.5"Chest 42.5"Waist 33.5"Front 25-26" (I like my jackets longer)Sleeve 27"My jacket was made to:Shoulders: 19"Chest: 24.5"Midsection: 22"Waist: 20.5"Front: 25.7"Sleeve 28"Arm: 8.8"My Dress shirt size is 16.5/37 and I wear anywhere from a 42L-46L in suits (typically depending on...
I wouldn't say it is super common, but I have seen it before. I like high collar jackets/coats in general, not a fan of the double throat latch though (I assume you are not either since you note they are removable).
It will be worse than the Hickey Freeman Ltd you were not satisfied with.
^ thatI have around a 9" drop and I have even had success tailoring RTW suits. You just have to be learn measurements. The most important measurements will be the shoulders.
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