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Could you be a little more specific? By light hair do you mean blond? Also, what style of jacket did you have in mind and what type of leather?
"For lambskin garments, Obenauf's suggests using its Leather Oil ($11.95), which repels water, resists cracking and scuffing, and treats and preserves leather so it may breath and not dry-rot." Has anyone ever tried this?
Probably doesn't fit
This is mainly personal preference honestly. I'll suggest you shoot for your thumb knuckle on sleeve length and around your jean/pants pockets on jacket length. I feel that is a pretty safe suggestion in that it looks OK on nearly everyone.
Ah, just a suggestion, but you make a good point I did not consider. The A-2 will probably be available for a long time in some form.
I'll cast my vote for the A-2. I think it is probably more suitable for a wider variety of scenarios. Since you like the dark chocolate color, but are concerned about the FQHH in a bomber, perhaps try the dark brown goat (assuming you like the texture)? It is kind of "in between" lamb and horsehide and from the pictures, looks really sick as the A-2 (in my opinion).After that, you can save up for a T-1 should you wish to.
Just saying, you were excited for your jacket too when it came. People even joined in on your excitement, which is great. Also, magicalporks has a point, it gives people an idea as to what their wait time may be.
Should be automatically attached to your paypal?
Go with 52
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