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Like I said, the denim jacket was not my favorite, and I will agree with you that some Clarks DBs would have been a much better choice than the Jordans. She always recommends DBs (Yes I read her blog), so I think she was trying to mix it up and be a little more outlandish. This forum also tends to be overly critical of what I will call "outsiders" or non-Sfers. If WAYWRN is any indication, people here disagree constantly. Break vs no-break, slim vs borderline...
There are styles that are certainly targeted at younger/older demographics, but the idea that someone is too old or young for a suit is kind of silly in my opinion. If it is boxy, then it is too big in the waist for you. However, a tailor can solve that problem very easily. I do not think I have ever owned a suit that I didn't have taken in. Simply decide if you like the styling/construction of the suit, then have a tailor adjust it for you if you like. That said, for...
I'm not convinced your average person will notice or care.
Nobody makes a good 100% cotton henley in tall sizes
Most of my ties are 6-fold Hober ties, so ~$130 for long lengths.
I like boots with really any leather jacket.
I admit this wasn't my favorite either, but for the most part, I feel like she does a good job.
Brown nearly always looks good with jeans, but there is not reason you can't extend this to navy chinos for either shoe, whether they be moleskin or "standard" cotton (moleskin is just a heavier cotton fabric).
This new goat you speak of, is there a dark (or darkish) brown? If so, would you recommend it over the "old" goat, for say, a 4-zip MDR?
To credit the TOJ guys, when I measure it, it is awful close to 5.9". What I cannot figure out is why it is so different than the J. Crew jacket (5.8" cuff). They look the same to my eye, but fit very differently. Either I am just a retard (likely) or I am missing something.
New Posts  All Forums: